The Eternal Supreme-Chapter 2241 Nine Abyss’s Return

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Chapter 2241 Nine Abyss's Return

Xuanyuan Yao was overjoyed. He suddenly shouted, and his hand seals changed hundreds of times in an instant. Countless runes flew up on the barrier, and with a boom, the Magic Tree and Golden Wheel were knocked away.

This sudden change made everyone's eyes look up at the sky.

Yuan also frowned and grabbed the Golden Wheel of the Magic Tree, a murderous look flashing in her eyes.

When Yunxiao saw the man, he was pleasantly surprised and said, " "Lord nine abyss!"

In the sky, the young-looking powerhouse was the Lord of the Abyss, nine abyss, whom he had met in the forest of the sea.

Fei Ni and the others were also surprised and overjoyed. Back then, they had already felt that Jiu Yuan's strength was extraordinary. Today, seeing that he could actually contend with Yuan, they were pleasantly surprised.

"There's another rat!" Shang said coldly.

However, her expression darkened, and she looked even more serious than when she saw Xuanyuan Yao.

"Nine abyss? You're the Lord of the Abyss?"

Xuanyuan Yao was suddenly shocked. "For a long time, the aura that I felt in the realm sinkhole was you?"

Jiu Yuan had been expressionless the whole time, and even at this moment, he only nodded slightly.

Xuanyuan Yao's expression turned serious, and he said. joyfully," "Junior Xuanyuan Yao greets senior!"

This scene made everyone's jaws drop. An old man with white hair and a face full of wrinkles bowed to a young man with a slightly tender face and called him senior Qianqian.

However, no one laughed, because Jiu Yuan was the master of the abyss. His qualifications, age, and even strength were unknown. Since Xuanyuan Yao dared to call him that, he must be right.

Yuan stared at Jiu Yuan for a while and suddenly said, " how many jiewang are there in the heavenly martial realm?

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. These words revealed too much information, and they couldn't help but let their imaginations run wild. Could it be that Jiu Yuan was actually a World King?

"Perhaps I'm the only one left in Qianqian," Jiu Yuan said as he turned his gaze over.


Yunxiao and the others all gasped, but then they were overjoyed and could not help but feel excited.

"But the new generation of true dragons is about to be born. There will be two then," Jiu Yuan said after thinking for a while.

In that case, I'll have to kill you now, "Yuan said coldly.

It'll save me some trouble killing two world Kings later.

"You can't kill me," Jiu Yuan said.

"You're so confident," he laughed.

Jiu Yuan shook his head and said, "this isn't confidence. It's observation. Ever since he stepped into the world King realm, he had been observing the world pit, observing the power left behind by that person, hoping to comprehend something from it. That's why I'm very observant."

Yuan's expression changed, but she still said sarcastically,"What did you observe?"

Jiu Yuan stared at her, making Yuan's hair stand on end. He angrily rebuked," "What are you looking at?"

Jiu Yuan retracted his gaze and said, " you've just condensed the Holy demon true body. You were struck by the world-destroying sacred Thunder not long ago. Your demonic aura has been shaken. If you don't stabilize your demonic aura in seclusion as soon as possible, it will definitely affect your future cultivation.

"What a joke!" Yuan laughed. You can even see this Lord's future prospects, isn't this a bit too much nonsense!"

Jiu Yuan still looked indifferent and said," "Your demonic Qi foundation isn't stable, and you've just devoured the Saint Demon Realm, so your realm isn't stable either. You should be able to feel it yourself, isn't your strength slipping away bit by bit? If you're determined to fight me, it'll be difficult for me to win, but you'll also be in danger of falling from your cultivation level."

A look of Fury appeared on Yuan's face, and she rebuked, even so, it's worth it to kill you, the only regional King in the realm of heavenly martial arts!

Although she was overbearing, she was obviously lacking in confidence, which proved that Jiu Yuan's words were reasonable and she herself agreed with them.

Jiu Yuan said, you should know whether it's worth it or not. Besides, you can't kill me."

"I'll let you know your ignorance and arrogance right away!" The referee rebuked angrily.

A ray of light shot out from her hand. The Aghan bone Cleaver appeared in an instant and slashed through the air. "BOOM!"

The sky was split into two without any suspense, and the saber momentum fell down majestically, about to hit Jiu Yuan.


Jiu Yuan's body was shattered by the bone Cleaver and instantly scattered into countless light beams.

However, the light that shot out did not die out. Instead, it turned into light balls and then condensed in the sky, forming Jiu Yuan's body.

Jiu Yuan's face was a little pale, and it was obvious that he did not feel good under the knife. He still looked at Yuan coldly.

Yuan's expression finally changed. The bone Cleaver in her hand turned into demonic Qi and dissipated, as if she didn't want to make a second strike.

"Alright. After I've stabilized my devil essence, I'll come to this world again. At that time, you'll all die! Including this realm, they all have to die!"

She cried out hoarsely, her sharp eyes shooting at Yunxiao as she gritted her teeth and said, " "During this time, you must not die! I'll definitely think of a hundred ways to make you wish you were dead!"

Yunxiao's eyes widened. I'm going to die. So what? " he said. If you have the ability, then kill me now!"

"You coward!"

Yuan was choked by his words and almost spat out blood. Her eyes shot out a cold light as she gritted her teeth and said, " "Good, good, the more despicable you are, the more I'll feel happy when I deal with you!"

Without waiting for Yunxiao's answer, she flashed away.

She was afraid that Yunxiao would say something that would make her vomit blood and anger her to death.

If it was in the past, even if his realm fell, he would kill Jiu Yuan and the others to vent his hatred. However, Zhuo kun's face and words remained in her mind.

The pursuit of a higher realm, the two of them becoming stronger together, was Zhuo kun's long-cherished wish.

The two of us will be together forever. As long as I become the Lord of the thousand realms, he will also become the Lord of the thousand realms.

Yi felt a wave of grief in his heart, but he was also extremely confident. Therefore, she would not allow any factors to affect her cultivation.

If Jiu Yuan had not appeared, she was confident that Xuanyuan Yao alone would be enough to crush everything. However, Jiu Yuan's appearance and his attempt with the knife had shaken her.

"Wait until I've stabilized my realm, then I'll come back and crush you one by one! Li Yunxiao, please don't die!"

Yi shouted in his heart. His figure changed several times in the void and finally disappeared above the North Sea. "He, he left?"

Feini looked as if she had just survived a disaster, but there was still a glint of fear in her eyes.

Yunxiao was a little puzzled. He looked up at the sky and said, " "Lord Jiu Yuan, why don't you fight with her? you have to lower her realm even at the risk of being injured. If we let her return to the mo

realm, after her realm is stabilized, she will be invincible in this world. I'm afraid that even Daren will not be her opponent?"

His tone carried a sense of blame, as if he was very distressed.

Jiu Yuan's face was paler than before, and when he opened his mouth, a line of blood slid down from the corner of his

mouth. Obviously, his injury was more serious than what everyone saw.

"What does it have to do with me that she's invincible in this world?"

Jiu Yuan's words stunned everyone, especially Yunxiao, whose favorable impression of him instantly dropped.

Jiu Yuan continued, "I didn't participate in the demon-sealing war back then. I don't intend to participate this time either. It's just a coincidence that I met him. The power of the Holy demon was strong, and it was possible for it to slaughter the living beings of a world, but it was probably impossible for it to destroy the world. As long as time passes, countless years later, there will still be living beings born in this world. It's just a cycle."

Everyone, "hehe."

Yunxiao was speechless, what? Daren is really open-minded!"

Jiu Yuan said, that's how it is. I'm not wrong! All living beings, even if they were not destroyed by the hands of the Holy demon, would die sooner or later and begin the cycle of a new era. This was the heavenly Dao. Even if it's a Holy demon, it's still within the heavenly Dao, so there's nothing to be surprised about."

His words made everyone extremely depressed.

So, "Yunxiao said coldly, " does this mean that we are a bunch of fools if we unite to resist the devil realm?" What you're doing is meaningless, and it even goes against the heavenly Dao of 'Holy Demon Apocalypse"?"

Jiu Yuan nodded and said, "The heavenly Dao is heartless, but you have feelings. That's why you can't get rid of the word 'love'. The' love 'to the realm of heavenly martial arts, the' love 'to your friends, and the' love 'to your loved ones. That's why you're busy running around and fighting for the' love. It is also within the heavenly Dao."

So, my Lord is already heartless? "Yunxiao said rudely.

Jiu Yuan said, "I can be considered heartless, but I'm not heartless. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to save you. Everyone's Dao is different, so I won't take part in the matter between the two realms. Today was purely an accident."

What if the demons come to the gate of the abyss?" Yunxiao asked coldly.

That's because there's no other way," Jiu Yuan said with a frown. we naturally have to resist.

Yunxiao raised the corner of his mouth and sneered, " "Good! since my Lord has said so, I'll open a crack at the entrance of the abyss that leads directly to the demon world and break through the two worlds in front of your house. Hehe, there's no need to thank me, my Lord. Please call me Lei Feng."

"You're so silly!"

Jiu Yuan was rendered speechless and did not know how to answer. After a moment of silence, he said, " "How can the passageway between the two worlds be so easily

broken through? Moreover, the space of the abyss is extremely stable and firm, which is harder to penetrate than other places in the heavenly martial realm."

"I see. Thank you for your reminder, my Lord."

That's right! Yunxiao cupped his fists and said, " in the future, if the demons invade, I'll just lure them here, right? "Or, you can build a few large teleportation formations in front of your house, each one leading to a different crack. Hehe, let the Lord have a good time."

Fei Ni also covered her mouth and laughed," that's right!" The realm of heaven martial arts belongs to everyone. Why should we fight with our lives in front of everyone? so many people have died to protect this realm, while some people hide in the back and enjoy the fruits of our victory with the excuse of being heartless. This is too shameless!"

Jiu Yuan was silent for a while before sighing," "At my level, I really don't care much about the outside world. I only want to reach a higher realm. The War of the Two Worlds is indeed difficult to stir up."

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