The Eternal Supreme-Chapter 2240 -Xuanyuan Yao

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Chapter 2240 2240-Xuanyuan Yao

Yunxiao frowned. what are you going to do? It's precisely because you possess the Emperor demonic essence that you have to stay. If I were to unfortunately die in the devil realm, then you would be the only one who could attract Yuan. At that time, you can work with the new generation of true dragons and think of a way to kill it. "

Xiao Hong replied coldly,"I was transformed from a rainbow stone, so I'm considered a person of the devil realm." If I go back to the devil realm, it will be very beneficial for me to improve my power. If I stay in the heavenly martial arts realm, I don't know when I will be able to make further progress."

you're right, " Yunxiao said. but I hope you can think about the big picture.

"Overall situation? Hehe."

Xiao Hong gently tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled. I'm not the leader of the heavenly martial Alliance, nor am I the wife of the leader. I'm just a little girl. What Bullsh * t big picture is it? what does it have to do with me? "

The surrounding people were all stunned, and their expressions and gazes became strange.

Xiao Hong also felt that she had said something wrong. Her face turned red and she said angrily, " "Anyway, if you don't let me go, I'll go myself!"

Yunxiao was a little embarrassed by everyone's gaze, so he said angrily, " "It's up to you!"

"Since we've already decided, let's be decisive. Let's go now." In case that demoness comes to her senses and can't escape!"

A voice suddenly rang out, causing everyone's expression to change drastically.

you speak as if you can leave right now. I have to admire your intelligence. You really know how to imagine things.

In the sky, Yuan's figure slowly appeared. She was still wearing a long robe, and there was not a speck of dust on her body. It was as if the attack from before had nothing to do with her.

"You coward!"

Everyone's expression changed drastically, and they retreated in shock, a chill running down their spines.

"Actually, I really want to see the look of despair on your face when I catch up to you after you escape to the demon world, but it's too boring to think about it," said Shang. In addition, everyone here is your family and friends. It's only meaningful if you kill them one by one in front of your eyes."

She raised her hand and a black ray of light shot towards feini.

"Be careful!"

Yunxiao cried out in surprise, and the power in his body burst out in an instant. He raised his hand and slashed out a blade of light.

Feini was also shocked. She put her hands together in front of her body and a line of fire was spat out.

Qu Hongyan, Hao Feng, and the others who were closest to her also made their moves. They joined forces and directly pressed down on the black light!


With an explosion, the black light exploded, and everyone was forced to retreat.

Lao Ai laughed and said, " if you are the strongest in the realm of heavenly martial arts, then this realm is completely hopeless. I'll first crush your bones and scatter your ashes one by one, and then I'll destroy this world as well to offer sacrifices to Zhuo kun!"

you ate Zhuo kun yourself, " Yunxiao cursed. but you're taking it out on us! If you have the ability, spit him out! Let's see if you can still be so arrogant!"

"You coward!"

She was so angry that she almost vomited blood, and her tender body couldn't help trembling as a monstrous killing intent condensed around her.

She did not dare to make a move, because she was afraid that she would turn Yunxiao into ashes, which would be too easy on him.

As if he had seen through her mind, Yunxiao's sneer grew even wider as he deliberately raised his head to look at her with contempt.

"I'm going to kill you!"

Yuan finally couldn't hold it in any longer. Boundless anger burst out in an instant. She grabbed at the sky with her palm, and a huge palm shadow instantly condensed.

She was trying her best to control her emotions, and her reason told her to suppress it and not kill Yunxiao with one slap.

As a result, the huge palm trembled in the sky.

Beiming Nan and the others were shocked. They quickly moved in front of Yunxiao and formed a human wall, desperately circulating their devil essence. Everyone's power gathered together, forming an indestructible barrier.

Yunxiao was shocked, and his heart trembled as he cried out, " "Everyone, let's go!"

"Run!" Beiming Nan shouted in a deep voice. We'll try our best to help you delay. As long as you leave, we can follow our previous plan and have a chance to kill this demoness!"

Yunxiao was not an impulsive person, and he was also a cautious and rational person. But the scene in front of him made him unable to think of escaping. He sighed and said, " No matter how strong my heart is, no matter how rational I am, I can't leave my friend behind and run away alone. If that happens, I, li Yunxiao, will no longer be li Yunxiao.

He raised his hand and once again used his spiritual force to sweep toward his dantian, trying to use the master of floating. As soon as he touched the sword Qi, he felt a severe pain in his meridians. He had yet to recover from the aftereffects.

With a cold look on her face, Yuan clenched her fingers and struck directly to the right, not in the direction of Yunxiao and the others.

The huge demonic palm in the sky came down like a claw and struck the void not far away!


Tens of thousands of feet away, the demonic palm seemed to have hit an obstacle and directly shattered. The obstruction was instantly broken, and a large amount of devil essence flowed down.

Everyone was stunned and couldn't help but look in that direction.

"After peeking for so long, it's time for you to come out and face your death!" Yuan said coldly.

"Cough, cough cough! It was indeed the power of the Holy demon! Has a Holy demon appeared in the demon world again?"

An old voice sounded, full of worry.

"Who are you, you undying old man?" Yi snorted coldly.

In the distance, the demonic Qi dissipated, revealing a stooped old man holding an iron cane, his white beard dragging the ground. At first glance, his face was full of wrinkles, all of which spoke of the endless vicissitudes of life.

Everyone was stunned. At first glance, this old man had an extraordinary bearing, but no one recognized him.

Nanqiu Yu suddenly exclaimed,"my Lord, you are Xuanyuan Xuanyuan Xuanyuan?"

The white-bearded old man raised his head and squinted at him. "You must be the current master of the natural moat ocean-nanqiu Yu? This old man is Xuanyuan Yao.'

Nanqiu Yu was overjoyed, unable to contain her excitement. She cupped her fists and said, " I was incompetent and failed to protect the heavenly Palace. I even forced master Xuanyuan to come out of seclusion early. I deserve to die!

He had not wanted to interfere in Yunxiao's Affairs before because he was afraid that the heavenly martial Union or the land of ten thousand spirits would focus their attention on the natural moat cliff, which would affect Xuanyuan Yao's seclusion.

"Xuanyuan Yao!"

Beifeng Nan mumbled to himself. Suddenly, his expression changed drastically, as if he had thought of something. He couldn't help but be shocked, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Yunxiao found it strange, so he whispered, " "Sir Zhennan, who is this old man?"

Beiming Nan's face slightly changed, he shook his head and said, " "I don't know,"


then why do you look like you've seen a ghost? " Yunxiao asked, speechless.

"Although I don't know who he is, the surname" Xuanyuan "is extremely rare. In the past 100000 years, other than this old man in front of me, I only know one person who once had it," said beimang Nan.

Yunxiao knew that it must be a Big Shot, so he said in surprise, " "Who is it?"

"Back then, the realm King's surname was Xuanyuan!" Beiming Nan said word by word.

The surrounding people were all shocked. They finally understood the look of shock on beifeng Nan's face.

Xuanyuan Yao chuckled. everything was arranged for the best. What's there to be guilty of? " However, I didn't even dream that I would be able to see a Holy demon as soon as I came out. I'm feeling like a f * cking dog right now."


Nanqiu Yu also wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and said awkwardly, " "This demoness has just devoured the previous Lord of the earth realm, Zhuo kun, and has only become a Holy demon not long ago. Furthermore, she wields one of the six paths demonic weapons, the agama bone Cleaver."

"The Lord of the earth, Zhuo kun? Aghan's bone Cleaver?"

Two pieces of information entered Xuanyuan Yao's ears, and he couldn't help but tremble. His eyes lit up as he said, " I can't believe that Zhuo kun is still alive. This Holy demon is actually walking toward the path of the demon master.

"That's right," nanqiu Yu said bitterly. That's why we couldn't even take one of her attacks. If it wasn't for the purple lightning from the heavenly Dao that blocked her attack, we would have been dead."

Xuanyuan Yao's expression was grave as he nodded and said, " "No wonder. After devouring Zhuo kun, you'll have the capital to resist the power of the world. The power of a Saint demon is even above that of a World King, so it's only natural that you guys can't defeat it. "

"Lord Xuanyuan, do you have any ideas?" nanqiu Yu hurriedly asked.

Xuanyuan Yao muttered to himself for a moment before shaking his head. "I have no choice. Only death awaited them if they encountered a Holy demon. I didn't think that I would directly enter the gates of hell as soon as I came out of seclusion."


"Haha, old thing, you still have some self-awareness!"

The judge sneered, his demonic eyes flickered a few times, and he sneered, " "You're at the peak of the creation realm and half a step into the world King realm. If it wasn't for that, you might have been able to step into the realm of regional King in a few decades."

Yunxiao and the others were in an uproar. They did not expect the old man in front of them to be a half-step world Monarch!

Yunxiao was even more vexed. There was such a powerful expert hidden in the heavenly martial realm, and according to Yuan, he might even step into the realm of regional King. However, in today's situation, his future was ruined. Not only his future, but even his life would be ruined!


Xuanyuan Yao laughed and stroked his white beard. "Without things like the divine realm tablet or the underworld fire, it's very difficult to cultivate to the realm King realm. Everything is the best arrangement, and it is also the best arrangement for this old man to be forced out of seclusion at this time."

"Indeed, the best arrangement would be to send you to your death!" Yuan nodded. Her voice was cold. A golden light flashed in her hand, and a few afterimages appeared.

Only to see the space shake slightly, enormous pressure came from all directions, the entire sky was directly deformed.


A boundless golden glow appeared in front of Xuanyuan Yao, and an ancient tree fell from the sky, trying to suppress him.

Xuanyuan Yao formed hand seals and pointed in all directions. With every point, a rune would appear and instantly transform into an array in the air, scattering with a clang.

Chains of laws emerged from the array, connecting the surroundings and forming a barrier.


The shadow of the Dancing Tree fell on the barrier, shaking out a terrifying spiritual pressure. The vast sky swayed left and right, and was in a trance.

All of a sudden, a cold figure appeared in the sky and looked down at the earth.

The figure raised his hand and formed a seal. He muttered an incantation and then recorded it with his palm!


A black ray of light struck the shadow of the Golden Tree like a stream of fire. It made a "Hua Hua" sound and the ancient tree swayed.

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