The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 286 - :286. Two reflective monsters

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Chapter 286:286. Two reflective monsters

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Su Liang thought about it seriously.

It was natural for Gu Ling to have changed since they first met, mainly due to her influence as a transmigrator. He had been diligently learning about various aspects of Su Lian@s previous world, includinq etiquette, languaqe habits, and how people interacted with each other. Most of the changes were reflected in his interactions with Su Liang, while in front of others, there wasn’t much difference from before.

The reason they started shaking hands and hugging was because Su Liang took the initiative to shake hands, saying it was a habit from her previous life when friends met. Gu Ling even asked her how many times they should shake hands.

Thinking about what had happened between them over the past two days, Su Liang began to reflect. She always said that Gu Ling treated her like a brother, and she treated him as an elder brother. It was fine for her to ignore gender in other matters, but she didn’t pay much attention to boundaries when it came to physical contact. Tickling Gu Ling was overly intimate since they were both adults. Even in her previous life, such games between opposite sexes were only played by children.

No matter how she thought about it, Su Liang felt that the problem was with her. Although she listened to Gu Ling in many things, the truth was that she was the one guiding their way of interacting. Gu Ling would accept new habits by default, thinking they were commonplace in her previous life.

A scene of Gu Ling saying with an indifferent face, “I don’t see you as a woman,” flashed through Su Liang’s mind, and she sighed softly. They liked each other as friends or even family, but she couldn’t be too “unbridled.” Gu Ling didn’t see her as a woman, but at times, she had to be careful of her words and actions, so as not to mislead him.

The door was open, and Gu Ling stood at it for a while. Seeing Su Liang lost in her thoughts, frowning and sighing now and then, he was somewhat puzzled. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Su Liang came back to her senses when she heard the knock. Seeing Gu Ling, she felt a little uneasy. She picked up the cut red paper from the table and walked over to Gu Ling, handed it to him along with the scissors, “Make any window decorations you like. I’m going to change clothes and go to the Peng Family.” As she finished speaking, she closed the door.

Gu Ling frowned slightly, looking at the bright red paper in his hand, feeling that something was off. Su Liang hadn’t made eye contact with him at all, as if she was trying to avoid his gaze…

After a while, Su Liang changed her clothes and left the house. She glanced at Gu Ling’s closed door, habitually wanting to say hello to him, but considering she had already said she would go to the Peng Family, saying it again would seem redundant. So, she just went out.

Gu Ling sat by the window, watching Su Liang’s figure disappear through the half-open window. He had been holding the red paper and scissors in his hand for a while, but they remained untouched, not a single cut made.

Thinking of what had happened over the past two days, Gu Ling quickly realized that he had been too impatient. Su Liang was very smart and skilled in medical practices, so she must have realized that he had been pretending to be sick since he first fell.

The more Gu Ling thought about it, the more he believed he had been too touchy with Su Liang these two days. It must have been only after Su Liang had calmed down that she felt this wasn’t appropriate. Was it because she had guessed his thoughts and didn’t want their relationship to change, so she decided to avoid him?

That’s right, this was how she treated Lian Shun… Gu Ling thought. Su Liang liked Lian Shun as a friend, but once she realized he had feelings for her, she kept her distance, not wanting to give any misunderstandings. After confessing his feelings, she resolutely handed him the “friend card,” preventing any further developments…

Upon thinking of this, Gu Ling dispelled his intention to confront Su Liang and clarify things. What if his confession led to the same result as Lian Shun? A confession might push Su Liang away, but staying friends would give him more time and opportunities for her to fall in love with him…

Gu Ling sighed deeply, reflecting that he couldn’t keep calm. He needed to carefully and gradually approach her, controlling his hands…

Su Liang went to the Peng Mansion on a whim. When she saw General Peng, he glared at her, ‘You said you’d come to see me again, but I’ve been waiting and waiting. It’s not appropriate for me to just go to Prince Ning’s Mansion.”

Su Liang hurriedly apologized with a smile, saying that she had been busy lately.

“Busy taking care of that kid from the Gu Family?” General Peng scoffed.

Su Liang shook her head, “It’s more like looking after him rather than taking care of him. After all, we’re going to get married.” As she spoke, she reminded herself in her heart that it was fake and not to think too much.

“I heard that kid is very strong?” General Peng asked.

Su Liang smiled slightly, “Yes, he is far better than me.”

“I knew it. I was wondering why you would be attracted to him, it can’t be just because of his face.” General Peng believed Su Liang wouldn’t be that superficial.

However, Su Liang replied, “It’s also his physique.”

Old General Peng: …

Su Liang had a bit of a “professional ailment” – when she saw her former patients, she would want to take their pulse and make sure they were completely healed.

As a result, General Peng and his son Peng Qian both received another follow-up examination from Su Liang. She didn’t prescribe any medicine, but gave them a few medicinal diet recipes.

Old General Peng wanted to invite Su Liang to his home for a visit, not for anything else, but simply because he liked this younger generation. It was a rare opportunity for them to meet and chat.

Su Liang asked about the customs during the New Year in Liang Country. General Peng not only explained them to her in great detail but, when Su Liang was leaving, he also gave her some New Year’s pastries with Liang Country characteristics, made by the Peng family themselves.

Su Liang stayed at Peng Mansion until the sun was about to set. Only with great difficulty did she decline Old General Peng’s invitation to stay for dinner. Thinking that it was late, and not wanting to go back and cook again, Su Liang went to the largest restaurant in Yao City and bought a few dishes she had tried earlier, to take away.

By the time Su Liang returned to Prince Ning’s Mansion, it was already dark.

When she saw Ren Dong, she told him that she had already eaten outside, thinking that Su Liang would certainly have arranged dinner for Gu Ling, so she didn’t bother with him.

Su Liang entered the main courtyard with the food box and desserts, only to see that the doors and windows of Gu Ling’s room were closed, and the light was on inside. Gu Ling’s silhouette reflected on the window, as if he was reading a book.

Su Liang knocked on the door, “I’m back.”

Gu Ling’s voice came from inside, “Come in.”

As soon as Su Liang pushed the door, it opened. She went in with the food box, “Old General Peng insisted on having me stay for dinner, I finally managed to decline. It was a bit late, so I bought some food from outside.”

Gu Ling put down his book and nodded faintly, “Alright.” He thought to himself that Su Liang was indeed avoiding him, coming back so late and not wanting to cook for him.

“Have you finished cutting the window flowers?” Su Liang asked.

“It’s done, you can choose.” Gu Ling pointed to the paper beside the desk, where a stack of window flowers were placed.

“Let’s eat first,” Su Liang said.

From the time they met until now, it was rare for the two of them to have such an awkward moment. Su Liang thought about restraining herself, and Gu Ling thought about being more reserved. As a result, both became much more silent than usual, as if the dishes bought from the restaurant outside were delicacies that they ate very diligently.

After dinner, Gu Ling didn’t mention wanting a late-night snack.

Su Liang praised the window flowers cut by Gu Ling as very delicate and beautiful. Gu Ling said if she wanted other Datterns. she could tell him.

“I’ll take these two,” Su Liang picked two window flowers and gave two to Ren Dong as well.

Just as she was about to leave, Su Liang stepped outside the door and suddenly remembered something, “When will you go to the palace and ask Situ Han about the Snow Lotus? We should get it ahead of time, in case Ying Ying comes looking for it and saves us the trouble. I’m not supposed to know about this, so you’ll have to go yourself.”

Gu Ling nodded, “Alright. I’ll go tomorrow.”

As soon as the door closed, Gu Ling thought to himself – Su Liang deliberately mentioned the Snow Lotus and Ying Ying. Was she reminding him that their engagement was false and merely a transaction, so he shouldn’t think too much about it…

The next day, Su Liang went to the palace on time to treat Situ Han. Gu Ling went only after she had left the palace.

Situ Han really had the Snow Lotus flower, and he didn’t go back on his word. When Gu Ling went to ask for it, he had someone fetch it and give it to him.

Because Situ Han’s goal had been achieved, Gu Ling and Su Liang had accepted the ennoblement from the Liang Country royal family, becoming half-Liang citizens in name and were soon to be married in Yao City. It was certain that Duanmu Yi would be angry, and suspicion was inevitable.

When Gu Ling returned to Ning Prince Mansion with the snow lotus, he saw Su Liang cooking lunch. She had also personally made breakfast.

In this way, Gu Ling felt that their lifestyle was the same as before, which was great. He just needed to be careful not to have unnecessary physical contact with Su Liang.

During lunch, Su Liang talked about the New Year customs of Liang Country she learned from the old General Peng and asked Gu Ling if he wanted to go to the market together in the afternoon.

Su Liang smiled, “I heard on my way back that there is the last temple fair of the year in South City today, and it must be very lively.”

Gu Ling naturally wouldn’t refuse.

After the meal, Gu Ling washed the dishes while Su Liang asked Ren Dong to prepare the carriage.

When it was time to leave, Su Liang and Gu Ling tacitly each brought a book along. They both liked to read while sitting in the carriage.

Ren Dong drove the carriage, taking Su Liang and Gu Ling to the liveliest temple fair in Yao City before the New Year.

Today was a cloudy day, but from far away, one could hear the gongs, drums, and noise of the temple fair. The road was jammed by the crowd, so the carriage couldn’t pass. Ren Dong stopped the carriage, and Su Liang and Gu Ling got off, one after the other.

“Miss Gu!”

“Divine Doctor Su!”

After a few exclamations, the news of Su Liang and Gu Ling coming to the temple fair spread quickly, attracting many onlookers wherever they went.

However, Su Liang was already used to this. It was not because of her, but because she often appeared with Gu Ling, and no one could ignore his true appearance.

Of course, this was what Su Liang believed. In fact, she was also a notable figure because of her excellent medical skills. She was not only the exclusive Imperial Physician for the Qian Country Royal Family, but also sought after by the Liang Country emperor from thousands of miles away when he fell ill. People who hadn’t seen her first heard about her talents and were amazed by her beauty when they met her.

As for Gu Ling, he could be undefeated just with his appearance alone…

In public, they had a tacit understanding. Gu Ling was only responsible for being aloof and beautiful, while Su Liang would make way, protect him from being touched, and take the initiative to talk to him.

The two of them had visited the market in Bei’an Countv before. The market in the small county town of Qian Country could not compare to the New Year’s market in the capital city of Liang Country, as the latter was much larger and bustling with all kinds of goods for sale.

The cold weather didn’t dampen the merchants’ enthusiasm for making money. Since Su Liang appeared gentle, many people greeted her warmly wherever she went. She would buy anything that interested her, and when she had bought too much, she would ask Ren Dong to send a batch to the carriage.

As they passed a stall selling stones, Su Liang remembered that Gu Ling had given her a beautiful rainflower stone when he went to find Nian Jincheng and Yang Yu. The pattern inside the stone looked like a bunny and was now in her purse.

Su Liang squatted to pick stones, and Gu Ling stood beside her, watching.

Seeing that Su Liang could name several of the stones, the stall owner knew that she was knowledgeable about stones and offered her a basin of unexhibited private collection stones to choose from.

The small stones were soaked in water, and each had a bright color with distinctive patterns, all very beautiful.

“Lord Gu, do you like it?” Su Liang looked up and asked Gu Ling.

Gu Ling saw Su Liang’s eyes shining and smiling, and the inexplicable uneasiness in his heart over the past few days had disappeared. He nodded slightly and said two words, “Not bad.” That’s good enough, he told himself.

“I’ll take all of them,” Su Liang said very generously.

Knowing that Su Liang was an important person and knew about stones, the stall owner didn’t dare to overcharge. However, at the normal price, the basin of rare stones containing dozens of pieces was quite expensive.

But Su Liang didn’t lack money, so she bought them all and asked Ren Dong to take them to the carriage.

Adding to the previous time when Su Liang spent a lot of money on Gu Ling at the Treasure Pavilion in Yao City, there was now a rumor of Su Liang willingly spending money for the sake of Gu Ling’s smile.

After browsing half of the market, Gu Ling suddenly stepped on Su Liang’s skirt.

Su Liang instinctively looked back and heard Gu Ling whisper, “Follow the tiger-head hat.”

Following the direction, Su Liang saw a child wearing a tiger-head hat sitting on a man’s shoulder, shaking a rattle drum in his hand. The two seemed to be father and son, walking through the crowd.

She knew that Gu Ling must have noticed something unusual, nodded slightly and followed them.

Soon, Su Liang smelled a sweet fragrance, and there was someone selling fried sweet chestnuts in front of her.

Watching the chestnuts tumble in the pan, Su Liang continued to focus on the tiger-head hat.

Then the man with the child approached the big pan of fried chestnuts, apparently the child wanted some and they were going to buy.

However, someone accidentally fell and bumped into the man carrying the child from behind!

Su Liang’s eyes grew serious, and amidst the screams, she leaped into action. Her toes touched someone’s head, rushing over, and caught the child before he fell into the boiling hot pan!

The crowd burst into applause after the initial exclamations.

The chestnut vendor dropped his spatula in fright, while the man who had been carrying the child broke out in a cold sweat. He stared at Su Liang catching and landing with the child. After regaining his senses, he rushed forward and knelt heavily in front of Su Liang, kowtowing. The person who fell was also scared pale, realizing that he almost caused a child harm.

The child stared wide-eyed at Su Liang and cutely called out, “Fairy Sister!”

Smiling, Su Liang straightened the crooked tiger-head hat, pinched the child’s face, and told him to go find his father.

As she stood uD. she caught sight of Gu Ling still standing in the same soot. quietly watching her.

Su Liang smiled brightly, walking towards Gu Ling.

Gu Ling resisted the urge to pick up Su Liang and softly said once she was by his side, “Not bad.”

“You’re the most amazing, Great God,” Su Liang whispered. The incident just now reminded them of the initial reason for their partnership.

Gu Ling also thought of this, and couldn’t help but think of the words he had said before, “You can leave whenever you want”, “I don’t see you as a woman”, “We are brothers.” He wished he could go back in time and keep his mouth shut, if he couldn’t say anything better….

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