The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 285 - : 285. Ren Dong’s Perspective

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Chapter 285: 285. Ren Dong’s Perspective

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Su Liang laid Gu Ling flat on the bed. Seeing his slightly furrowed brows, she assumed he had a severe headache and hurriedly checked the back of his head. Indeed, she felt a small bump, which was obviously the result of the fall.

“There’s no bleeding.” Su Liang held Gu Ling’s head, gently laying it on the pillow, before she took his arm to take his pulse. “I can’t tell from your pulse, but if you feel dizzy and have a headache, it might be a mild concussion.”

As she spoke, Su Liang sighed with a regretful expression, “It’s all my fault for being reckless. How are you feeling now, Great God? Are you still very dizzy?”

Gu Ling looked at Su Liang’s concerned gaze and nodded slightly, “Dizzy, and in pain.”

“How many is this?” Su Liang held up two fingers.

Gu Ling’s lips parted slightly, “One… plus one.”

Su Liang put her hand on her forehead, “That’s good. Great God, you’re still clear-headed and can even joke. I don’t think it’s serious. Rest for a while, and I’ll prepare some medicine for you.”

Just as Su Liang was about to turn away, Gu Ling tugged at her clothes, saying he was uncomfortable.

“Oh, right.” Su Liang tried to remove the cloak that was pressing Gu Ling down, tugging at one side, but it wouldn’t move. She leaned in to pull the other side from the inside.

If there was a third person present, they would think the two were doing something unspeakable…

Finally, Su Liang managed to remove the cloak. She took off Gu Ling’s shoes and socks, covered him with a quilt, and said, “You sleep for a while. I’ll call you when the medicine is ready.”

“Okay.” Gu Ling closed his eyes, waited for the sound of footsteps to fade away, then opened them again. He watched Su Liang hurry out the door and disappear from view.

She’s so worried about me… Gu Ling thought of something. Su Liang always called him “Great God” and seemed to admire him, treating him like an “idol.” Perhaps this was why she always felt there was a distance between them, treating him as a protector, a master, a brother, and never considering being together. Maybe he should show his vulnerable side at the right time?

But the word “vulnerable” was too unfamiliar for Gu Ling. He thought about it, and the only thing that could be considered vulnerable was his need for Su Liang to be by his side, not wanting her to leave.

How to show that? Pretending to be ill was not a long-term solution. Su Liang was a doctor and would easily find out. This time was just a coincidence, as Gu Ling had really fallen, but it wasn’t as serious as Su Liang thought.

Su Liang brought in the prepared medicine and saw Gu Ling lying with his eyes closed. She gently called out to him, “Great God?”

“Mmm.” Gu Ling opened his eyes and saw Su Liang smiling. “You didn’t fall asleep? Then hurry up and drink the medicine!”

Su Liang put down the medicine bowl, helped Gu Ling sit up, picked up the medicine, and scooped a spoonful. She gently blew on it to cool it down before bringing it to his lips. “It’s a bit bitter, just bear with it.”

Gu Ling actually wanted to laugh because he had hit his head, not his hand, and he could drink the medicine on his own.

However, Gu Ling didn’t remind Su Liang. He silently accepted the feeding and finished the bowl of medicine. It was indeed bitter, but he found the aftertaste sweet.

When Su Liang put down the bowl, Gu Ling spoke up, “Actually, my hands are fine.”

Su Liang was taken aback, “Oh, right, you just hit your head, not paralyzed.” Gu Ling: … So Su Liang thought he was paralyzed just now…

“You can go to sleep now. It shouldn’t be serious. You’ll recover quickly with some rest.” Su Liang yawned as she spoke.

Having run around outside late at night, it was long past midnight.

Gu Ling furrowed his brows slightly, “I remember you once said that a concussion could cause amnesia?”

Su Liang nodded, “Yes, but Great God, you have such a strong body. It was just a fall, and your mind is clear right now. I don’t think it’s that serious.” “Why did you suddenly attack me?” Gu Ling asked, reminding Su Liang of how he had fallen.

Su Liang coughed lightly, “Didn’t we say yesterday that I would try to make you laugh? Telling jokes didn’t work, and making faces didn’t help either. So, I thought I’d try tickling you.”

Now Gu Ling was genuinely puzzled, “Tickling? What is that?”

“Great God, you don’t even know this? Then again, you never had a childhood. When you were little, all you thought about was saving people with dark foreheads.” Su Liang explained to Gu Ling that some parts of the human body have more sensitive nerves, commonly known as “ticklish spots.” Most people can’t help but laugh when their armpits are tickled.

When Su Liang was young, she and her classmates often used this to tease each other and play pranks. But it was obvious that Gu Ling could never have such experiences and didn’t know about it.

“I see.” Gu Ling nodded slightly, gaining new knowledge.

‘Great God,” Su Liang grinned, “Shall I try again?

“I’m still sick. Do you want me to fall off the bed?” Gu Ling refused. Although he liked it when Su Liang touched him, he didn’t want a touch that would cause uncontrollable physical reactions for now.

“Just kidding. I know you really want to hit me. Just bear with it for now.” Su Liang gently patted Gu Ling’s quilt, “As for making you laugh, I’ve decided to give up. It’s as difficult as beating you.”

“You promised.” Gu Ling disagreed.

Su Liang sighed lightly, “Alright, I did promise. Since you insist, Great God, it means you want to laugh. So why not try to laugh? Come, follow me.”

Su Liang stretched out her index fingers, making a guiding gesture to lift the corners of her mouth. She showed a standard smile, but Gu Ling remained expressionless.

“Never mind, you should rest.” Su Liang decided to end today’s attempt, feeling exhausted.

“Alright.” Gu Ling actually wanted Su Liang to stay, but it was inappropriate for them to sleep in the same bed. Su Liang wouldn’t agree to that, and he was also afraid of having any physical reactions. If he let Su Liang stay to keep watch overnight, she would definitely not refuse, but Gu Ling couldn’t bear to see her tired.

By the time ?????????? fell asleep, it was already past midnight.

Early the next morning, Ren Dong paced outside Su Liang and Gu Ling’s courtyard, not seeing any movement inside. She found it strange because Su Liang had a regular life, hardly ever oversleeping, and always waking up at the same time every day.

After waiting for a while longer, Ren Dong went in to knock on the door, worried that something had happened and it was time for Su Liang to go to the palace to give Situ Han his acupuncture treatment.

As Su Liang opened the door rubbing her eyes, Ren Dong was surprised, “I thought the Master wasn’t here.”

“What time is it?” Su Liang asked.

Ren Dong reported the time, and Su Liang instantly woke up, “Help me fetch water!”

Then, Su Liang washed and changed her clothes in fifteen minutes, and went to the next room to check on Gu Ling, who was still lying down.

“Great God, sorry, I overslept. When I return from the palace, I’ll cook and make medicine for you.” Su Liang left without even taking a carriage, riding a horse to the palace instead.

Although from a doctor’s perspective, her treating Situ Han an hour later wouldn’t be a big deal, it was different from a patient’s point of view, especially since her patient was the Emperor.

That day, Su Liang still gave Situ Han his acupuncture treatment punctually.

After it was over, Situ Han invited her to play chess, but Su Liang said that Gu Ling was sick and she had to go back to take care of him early.

Situ Han looked concerned as he asked about his Gu Family nephew’s illness, to which Su Liang replied, “He has sleepwalking disorder. For some reason, he ran to the frozen lake in the garden last night. By the time I found him, he had already fainted. ”

Situ Han looked shocked, “Sleepwalking disorder? Can it be cured?”

Su Liang shook her head, “I’m not sure what’s causing it. When I arrived, he had already woken up, but he didn’t remember going to the garden last night. He hurt his head from the fall.”

“You should hurry back and take good care of Gu Ling,” Situ Han said, letting her go.

Su Liang returned to Prince Ning’s mansion as fast as possible and dismounted at the entrance to the main courtyard.

Ren Dong took the reins and told Su Liang that Gu Ling had not come out yet.

“Hmm, he’s not feeling well.” Su Liang said as she walked in, “You can go out and play, wander around, have dinner outside, and don’t worry about saving me money. Oh, it’s time to buy New Year’s goods, you can decide what to buy.”

Watching Su Liang walk straight towards Gu Ling’s room, Ren Dong couldn’t help but laugh and cry. Although they were technically master and servant, Ren Dong often felt that Su Liang not only treated her as a friend but even spoiled her…

And all Ren Dong had to do was obey. She knew Su Liang had secrets but didn’t want to pry. Su Liang also didn’t like her humbling herself, so she hoped Ren Dong would freely express her thoughts, while Ren Dong was still adjusting her mentality.

When Su Liang saw Gu Ling, he had already changed his clothes and was sitting on the bed reading a book.

She took the book from Gu Ling’s hands and put it aside, “You need to rest, sleeping more will help your recovery.”

Gu Ling said faintly, “I’m too hungry to sleep.”

Su Liang coughed lightly, “I’ll go make breakfast now.”

Although it was already late morning, Su Liang still made a light porridge, egg pancakes, and side dishes according to her breakfast routine.

“You start eating, and I’ll go prepare the medicine.” Su Liang put down the food, and Gu Ling had already gotten out of bed and walked over. At the door, Su Liang turned back and asked, “Are you still dizzy?”

“A little.” Gil Ling replied-

sighed and went to the kitchen to prepare the medicine.

After preparing the medicine, the two of them ate breakfast together. When they finished eating, Su Liang mentioned the nonsense she had spouted in front of Situ Han.

Gu Ling nodded slightly, “Sleepwalking disorder, not bad.”

Su Liang’s lips curled up, “1 knew the Great God would like it. If you ever get caught doing something bad in the middle of the night, don’t speak or look at anyone, just walk away. The next day, say you don’t remember anything. By then, I’ll ask Situ Han to testify that you’ve had sleepwalking disorder for a while. ”

“Very well. If I hit you tonight, please don’t mind, it’s because I’m sleepwalking,” Gu Ling said.

Su Liang sighed, “I knew it, because of last night’s incident, Great God, you really want to hit me.” As she spoke, Su Liang leaned forward and put her head closer, “You can hit me on the forehead once, and we’ll call it even.” Gu Ling raised his hand, bending his index finger.

Su Liang thought she was going to get flicked on the head, but Gu Ling just gently tapped her head and then withdrew his hand.

Without thinking, Su Liang blurted out, “Great God, are you still hungry?”

Gu Ling beckoned, “Come here.”

Su Liang stood up and walked away, “I was just joking, we’re even now, I’m going to check on the medicine.”

After the medicine was ready and Gu Ling had finished drinking it, it was approaching noon.

The sun was out, and the outside was bright, but it was still very cold.

Gu Ling brought up Su Liang’s idea of ice fishing from last night. Su Liang said she wouldn’t go, but he insisted on going to the garden for a breath of fresh air.

Thus, Su Liang found some tools and made two small fishing rods.

Gu Ling was draped in a cloak and wore a bonnet, walking gracefully ahead.

Su Liang carried a small wooden bucket in one hand and two small stools in the other, following behind.

Gu Ling stopped to wait for her. Su Liang quickened her pace and came to his side. “I don’t know if there are any fish in the lake. Great God, if you feel unwell, go back and rest first.”

“I’m all right,” Gu Ling shook his head slightly.

Walking onto the ice lake, Su Liang quickly found the place where they had fallen last night. It looked like there had been a fight. There were fine cracks on the ice where Gu Ling had hit his head.

“Let’s start here!” Su Liang inserted the ice chisel onto the ice which had been in intimate contact with Gu Ling’s head, and the crack instantly enlarged.

She set up the small stools and asked Gu Ling to sit beside her. She started chiseling the ice with a chisel and a hammer and poured some hot water onto the ice to help it melt.

The ice was thick, and Su Liang chiseled a hole, water gushing up. After clearing the ice fragments, she handed Gu Ling a small fishing rod with bait.

Then, Su Liang dug another hole not far away. She sat side by side with Gu Ling, facing the sun with their backs to the wind, and started ice fishing.

After a quarter of an hour, no fish were caught.

“Great God, are you cold?” Su Liang asked.

Gu Ling answered, “I’m fine.” “Are you hungry?” “I’m fine.” “Are you bored?” “I’m fine.” “Let’s call it quits, then?”


looked up at the sky, speechless. She didn’t particularly like such almost motionless activities, constantly waiting. She had suggested it last night, thinking Gu Ling would like it. Gu Ling indeed enjoyed it, and she, feeling guilty, had no choice but to accompany him.

Then, Gu Ling reciprocated the questions Su Liang had asked earlier.

“Are you cold?” Su Liang nodded, “Cold.” “Are you hungry?” Su Liang nodded, “Hungry.” “Are you bored?”

Su Liang nodded again, “Bored.”

“All right,” Gu Ling said, “You go and get more clothes, some dessert tea and hand warmers.”

Su Liang: .

When Su Liang came back with a basket, she saw Gu Ling’s small fishing rod pulled up.

She hurriedly ran over to see a foot-long crucian carp being pulled up from the ice hole, its tail flapping.

Gu Ling put the fish on the ice and then picked up Su Liang’s small fishing rod.

“I can catch my own fish!” Su Liang immediately put down the basket, wanting to experience the fun of catching fish, but Gu Ling, fearing the fish would escape, didn’t let go.

Then, Su Liang put her hands around Gu Ling’s hands, and together they pulled up a fat carp.

As soon as the fish landed on the ice, Su Liang let go of Gu Ling’s hands, removed the fish, and put it into the small wooden bucket.

Looking at the two fish in the bucket, Su Liang suddenly felt no longer cold, hungry, or bored. “Braised carp, steamed crucian carp.”

“I want to eat fried fish nuggets,” Gu Ling said.

“Catch one more large fish then,” Su Liang returned to her seat, “Now that we are here, let’s catch more, and we can eat them for the New Year.”

Underneath the spot where they had fallen last night were likely some fish nests. Shortly after the two fish were hooked, more fish were caught continuously. It wasn’t until the small wooden bucket was almost full that Su Liang and Gu Ling unanimously decided to end their ice fishing activity for the day.

Then, Gu Ling carried the basket, Su Liang carried the wooden bucket, and they returned together with their full harvests, carrying the small stools. “Hey, Great God, ice fishing is so much fun, aren’t you happy?” Su Liang asked.

Gu Ling nodded, “Happy.”

“When you are happy, why don’t you feel like laughing?” Su Liang was puzzled.

Gu Ling looked at her and said, “This is what you owe me. I can’t let you win easily, or it would be boring.”

Su Liang snorted, “Great God, aren’t you deliberately making it difficult for me? That’s not very fair, is it?”

“You promised,” Gu Ling repeated in his usual tone. Then, he abruptly changed his step and stood in front of Su Liang, blocking her way.

“What are you doing, Great God?” Su Liang looked stunned.

Gu Ling raised his hand, lightly patted Su Liang’s head, and then turned around to continue walking forward.

Su Liang was baffled, “Great God, has your brain gotten waterlogged and then frozen?”

“I didn’t hit you hard enough this morning, and you were unhappy. So, I just made up for it,” Gu Ling said.

Su Liang’s tone was cold, “No fried fish nuggets today.”

Gu Ling glanced at her, “I have a headache.”

Gu Ling thought for a moment and said, “I think it will be better tomorrow.

The next day.

Gu Ling, who had eaten fried fish nuggets and drunk crucian carp soup the day before, said he wanted to eat sweet and sour ribs today.

Su Liang refused to order, and Gu Ling complained about his headache again.

Su Liang said irritably, “Great God, you haven’t lost your memory, have you?

How did you say it yesterday?”

Gu Ling looked at Su Liang and said, “I said yesterday that it would be better tomorrow. Today, my head still hurts. What’s wrong with that?”

Su Liang realized that she had been tricked by Gu Ling and immediately stood up to check the swelling on the back of Gu Ling’s head. If the swelling was gone, the matter would be over.

The window was open, and Ren Dong came to deliver the red paper Su Liang had asked for to cut window decorations. At a glance, she saw Su Liang tiptoeing, seemingly embracing Gu Ling…

Ren Dong immediately turned around and silently left, hugging the red paper, three steps as two.

Gu Ling’s head had not yet completely deflated, so Su Liang had to accept his headache for the time being.

When Su Liang saw Ren Dong again, she felt her hesitation.

“If you have something to say, say it.” Su Liang was cutting a large sheet of red paper with scissors, planning to let the skillful Gu Ling cut window decorations.

“Master…” Ren Dong unconsciously lowered her voice, “Was Master forcing a kiss on Marquis Chang Xin today?”

Su Liang’s hand trembled, nearly injuring herself, “What?”

“A subordinate inadvertently saw Master and Marquis Chang Xin embracing each other, and their heads were moving…” Ren Dong’s voice grew quieter but couldn’t help exclaiming, “You’re progressing so fast!”

“You saw it wrong, we weren’t…” Su Liang was speechless, “Even if we were really embracing, how could it be me forcing a kiss on him? Am I that kind of person?”

Ren Dong gave Su Liang a look that told her to reflect on herself.

Su Liang coughed lightly. Indeed, she couldn’t blame Ren Dong for her “crazy love.” She quickly explained, “I was checking his head injury.”

Ren Dong was confused, “Why didn’t Master stand behind him to inspect the injury?”

Su Liang realized she couldn’t answer…

Ren Dong gave a slight smile and a “I know you want to take advantage of the situation to hug Marquis Chang Xin” look before turning around and leaving.

Sitting down with the scissors in her hand, Su Liang was pensive: Was she getting a little too intimate with Gu Ling lately, beyond just friends….

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