Malevolent Warlock: Sin Of Eternity-Chapter 53 Alot of things to do

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53 Alot of things to do

"Fire storm guild"

"Moutain raider troop"

"The Seven elements School"

"Karl Kane Klan"

There were a multitude of powers/organizations in Eldoria. All of which had varying levels of power and influence, but what Leon was looking for was something special.

A power where he could not only reap benefits from and become powerful, one that he could also maintain a certain level of freedom and anonymousness.

And the ones that fit the bill were limited.


While seated inside the pagoda in his mind, Leon called out. And the spirit of the pagoda responded.

[ Does the host need assistance ?]

"Yes, compile the names of these factions and organizations, isolate the ones that fulfil these criteria

1. Must allow members to maintain secret identities

2. Must have clauses to terminate membership with proof of individuals leaving the organization In the past

3. Must currently be In Duan city



Leon listened out his requirements and the system began compiling. The best way to get money while growing in power was to join a power, the previous Leon couldn't join because he would be spotted as a warlock from a mile away, but with some tweaks here and there, he believed he could join one with more laxed rules.


The system has compiled a few options for host's future endeavors.

1. Ghost face guild : a sea guild based in the east of the kingdom, they accept anonymous sailers and adventurers for short periods of time. Criminals have been said to lurk around the guild from time to time, so they have no choice but to keep their members anonymous....

2. School of unknowns: this school is not your conventional institution for knowledge seeking, as they have no particular location. One can only join this school when they are invited by a current member of the school. Because of the nature of the school and its lack of an actual institution site, the students are allowed to maintain secret identities when roaming around.....

3 the faceless mercenary company: An old resident of Duan city. They are in truth a gun for hire institution, as their main activities revolve around assassinations and guarding of high-profile targets. But the faceless mercenary company is also shrouded in a fail of mystery.....



The system gave Leon detailed information on each and every organization that fits the bill for his requirements, but one in particular caught his eyes and immediately stood out.

The faceless mercenary company.

It was a mercenary company that had roots in Duan city prior to the whole drama with the Warlocks. It was the perfect candidate for Leon. He could exploit those roots to his advantage.

He knew what he needed to do.


Leon then drew himself out of his mindscape and glanced over at Arian and gunta.

"What?" Leon asked. They were staring at him like they wanted to read his mind with their eyes, it was creepy.

"Nothing," Arians face quickly turned from one of curiosity to one of nonchalance, then she turned around and made her way into one of the Japanese sliding doors.

"Hehe, I need to run an errand" Gunta too found his way and slipped away. It was best to leave Leon to his schemes, getting involved would just attract trouble.

Leon watched the two of them leave and shook his head. But slowly his eyes landed on his pinky finger, where a small white snake was coiled around.

For some reason, that part of his pinky had begun to look purple and was throbbing. He had tried to take it off over and over again, but to no avail.

"I guess I'll have to sort this one out first, then." Leon said to himself while staring at his pinky.


The next day

Leon, Arian and Gunta made their way out of the inn's Courtyard, and onto the streets.

Before Leon could go about finding the faceless mercenary company which was usually veiled in secrecy, he needed to perfect his disguise.

If he didn't get that sorted out quickly, it might involve into something else.


So they were heading to the market.

He could fool an in depth Ether Eye test with the lumisight Eyes, but he also had to look the part. What kind of level one mage wouldn't have a few level one mage spells in his arsenal?

Plus, there was the matter of the white snake coiled around my pinky finger.

If he didn't get that sorted out quickly, it might involve into something else.

So they were heading to the market.

He could get some basic spells similar to his warlock spells, and then he could go to a beast tamer to diagnose what was wrong with the snake.

"High-quality chains, bind your warlocks and Dwarfs in high-quality chains"

"Healing potions, stamina potions and even mana replenishing potions. Every and any types of potions you can get them here."

"Slaves, warlocks, Dwarfs, whatever you need"

Leon, Arian and Gunta soon stepped into a bustling market filled with liveliness. In every corner, there was an item of interest being sold, and in every corner the sound of haggling could be heard.

This market was the western market of Duan royal city.

The part of the city they were currently in was the western part of the city. It was the most rowdy part of duan city, as apparent in the market they were currently in.

It was littered by not only humans, but Warlocks as well. The atmosphere was tense though, two races who clearly didn't like each other. One was the dominating race that was seeking to enslave the other. While the other had to sit there and watch the people of the clans being subjected to slavery.

Even though, the powers in Duan city fought hard against the slavery of warlocks. The human mages naturally found loopholes and implemented them as rules.

Warlocks captured and enslaved outside of Duan City would maintain the slave status, as it didn't happen in the city itself. The warlock powers could only do so much. They could only make sure that those who successfully snuck in by themselves were not subjected to such treatment.

"Hello, I would like to view some grade 1 spells" Leon approached a small store and called out.

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