Malevolent Warlock: Sin Of Eternity-Chapter 52 Immortality

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52 Immortality

In the middle of a small Japanese styled courtyard, the figure of Leon could be seen seated in a lotus position. He had a Japanese male kimono on and his eyes were closed.


In front of him, a wooden dummy made from lumber could be seen visibly cracking gradually.

It was a strange scene, there was no one there and Leon had not attacked it, so why was it still bending in such an unnatural way?

This was the result of the Anaconda Grip spell.

Only Leon could see it, but an ethereal Anaconda had wrapped wrapped around the dummy like a tightly notted rope.

Leon had gotten this spell at the heaven devourer mountain range Hunter camp. But he didn't have the chance to practice it back then. However, on their journey to the royal capital he had enough time to practice it, and his other spells.

He had achieved a great level of success in the wind arrow spell, allowing him to summon about 15 to 17 Wind Snake Arrows simultaneously, and now he had achieved success in the Anaconda Grip spell.

As for the blood rage spell, he had practiced it a little but decided it should only be used as a last ditch effort for anything he had planned.

The spell was too much like Liana's Bloody parade spell. Leon didn't want to go mad from using it. Then there was the spell Leon was most excited about.

The Life devourer spell.

This spell was absolutely spectacular. It held the ability to suck off life energy from any and all living things, this was the dream of every warlock.

Warlocks, regardless of which level, would often reach a talent block, this would force them to refine their bloodline with life-energy treasures to advance. But with this spell? Leon didn't need to go finding any treasures, as long as he could absorb enough life energy, he would be able to constantly improve his bloodline power.

It was a one-way ticket to becoming an extremely powerful Warlock. One could only wonder where the first elder got such a powerful spell.

"Cough cough"

From behind Leon, a gentle cough sounded, calling his attention over.



As soon as he noticed the person behind him, Leon applied more pressure on the spell, causing the stick dummy to blow up into pieces, from the sheer strength of the Anaconda Grip.

"I got what you asked for" from behind Leon, Arian walked forwards and threw a massive book onto the floor before him.

The book had italic words on its cover which read

Powers of Eldoria and their inner workings.

"Hm, this is good" Leon gave Arian a thumbs up before proceeding to dive into the Book in front of him.

It contained the names and functions of the most prominent groups in Eldoria. This included, not only guild but also information on noble factions and mercenaries and swords for hire organizations.

This was particularly useful because, most of those groups had made their way into the royal capital to quell the warlock problem.

He would definitely have to get into several encounters with if he were to proceed with any of his plans in Duan city.

It is best to know thy enemy before thy enemy knows you.

(I Wonder what's going through that big head of his)

Strangely, the same thoughts went through the minds of Arian and gunta simultaneously.

Leon's plans were so unpredictable. While others were looking for a way to escape the hands of hunters, he, a level 1 warlock, was thinking of how to turn the camp into a chaotic battlefield so he could reap the spoils of the hunters. If it wasn't for his competence, they would have questioned his sanity.

"What are you planning now?" Arian summed up the courage and asked. She no longer saw Leon as someone less than. in fact, she really admired him. He was the reason for her new-found power and had promised her so much. She trusted him.

"Oh nothing much.....just need to find a job," Leon said casually.

"A job?" Both Arian and Gunta asked simultaneously with a look of confusion on their faces.

What did Leon need a job for?

"Yeah, a job. What? Do you think we can afford to stay in a place like this for more than two months without a job?" Leon asked while flipping through the book in front of him.

The cost of living in Duan city was outrageously high, just the fee for this courtyard cost them 2,000 silver coins. If his estimations were right, that was half the amount of money Gunta still had on him.

This was two months of rent money, not to talk about feeding and other expenses. They had to find a way to make money.

"Oh" Arian nodded in understanding. He wasn't lying, they really couldn't afford to stay in this place for more than two months.

But they could just downgrade into a more affordable room when they needed to, all this luxury was uncalled-for if the main problem was money.

She believed that Leon was just covering up his intentions again.

And of course, she was right.

Leon couldn't tell them his plans because it had to do with something he held dear to his heart. His number one conviction in this life.


In this part of the world, no one really spoke or thought about Immortality, they only looked for ways to improve their life spans and so on.

Only one kingdom's royal family boasted of having a method to attain Immortality, and this was the Duan royal family.

According to some legends, the royal family had a treasure that increased the life span of whoever was close to it. as long as they stayed close to it. and for those crazy enough to consume it, they would live forever.

This treasure was called

The Purple Heart eternal flower.

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