Conquering The Game's World-Chapter 69 Alicia’s Declaration!

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69 Alicia's Declaration!

Finally, the anticipated day came which everyone was waiting for. Today was the day of the entrance examination for the Oracle Academy.

More than a hundred thousand candidates and only 600 will be selected. A tough exam with three rounds of selection and within an hour, the first test was going to begin. That is the Written exam.

The Written Exam will be an hour-long test with 100 questions and 100 maximum marks. The question paper will be composed of comprehensive questions regarding the basic subjects. Such as Economics, History, Geography, Arithmetics, Physics, Reasoning, Magical Laws, and Human Anatomy.

This is the basic test of knowledge of candidates.


When Luis and Alicia arrived at the exam venue. They saw a vast number of candidates gathering on the training grounds, as per the groupings.

Luis was in the 34th group and Alicia was in the 17th group. So they were going to be separated for the written exam.

They knew that after the Written Test, the next rounds would start immediately. So they won't be able to meet until the last test.

"Good luck, Alicia. See you later." Luis said with a smile, and was about to leave. But Alicia tugged his sleeves to stop him.

"Something?" Luis asked, raising his brows. He was about to tease her again, but stopped when he saw her serious expression.

Alicia's turquoise blue eyes peered into his gray eyes without blinking as she spoke seriously. "Luis, I know it's just a simple exam for us. With our current strength, this exam is not a problem."

Luis nodded and waited for her to continue.

"I know how hard you have worked for the last three months. But I wasn't idle either. In this exam, I'm going to defeat you." Alicia declared as an immense fighting intent emerged inside her.

If Luis uses his full strength, then she might not say such things. But she knew that he was only going to use his Lightning Element. Which means he won't be using those unfair spells such as Spatial Jump.

That is why she had the confidence to defeat him.

It's not like she was afraid of fighting him at his full strength. But she knew with her current strength she had no way of dealing with his spatial abilities.

"Prepare yourself to lose in my hands." Leaving those words in a handsome pose, Alicia went to her exam area.

Luis was left standing there from beginning to end without any words, watching her disappearing back.

'Lose to you, huh?'


'I've already lost my heart to you. What more do you want?'

Shaking his head, Luis also started walking towards his exam area while thinking back on her declaration.

'My wife is so cool!'


Arriving at the 34th examination hall where the written test of the 34th group will be conducted. Luis entered without hesitation and searched for his seat.

After taking his seat, Luis looked around and observed his surroundings curiously.

In the hall, there were about a thousand candidates. He could see many of them were busy flipping through the books and doing a last-minute review.

'Even if it's another world, the examinees' situation is the same.'

This scene reminded him of his high school time in his previous life.

Slowly, the memories of his previous life started resurfacing in his mind.

'Ah, man, not now, please.'

Luis covered his face with his hands, trying to calm his mood.

In the last three months, Luis worked very hard and always kept himself busy. Although he said it was to prepare for the future and for his goal of becoming the strongest. But that's not the only reason. He always kept himself busy because he wanted to forget.

He didn't want to remember his previous life. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget. As he became stronger and broke through ranks, his mind also became stronger and it became even more difficult to forget. Instead, his memories became even clearer.

He knew he should let go of his past, since there was nothing he could do about that now. He knew that, but still, he just couldn't.


Luis facepalmed himself to bring back his focus to the exam.

The candidate sitting near Luis saw his actions. But didn't think it was weird.

'He must be nervous. I should cheer him up.' Thinking so, he knocked on Luis' table to get his attention.


Luis' head turned to his left, and he saw a bulky boy with a buzz cut looking at him with concern.

"Yes?" Luis looked at him in confusion.

The buzz cut boy patted Luis' shoulder to assure him and said. "Don't worry, dude, everything will be fine. Just trust in yourself."

Although Luis knew he was talking about the exam. But his words still helped him.

With a faint smile on his face, he asked. "What's your name?"

"Me?" The bulky boy raised his thumb towards himself and introduced himself with a grin. "I'm Ben Douglas, you can call me Ben."

"Nice to meet you, Ben. I'm Luis Suarez. You can call me Luis."

"Haha, Luis bud. It's good that you cheered up."

Since neither of them was going to revise and there was still time before the exam. They started chatting about various things. From their talk, Luis could see that Ben was an interesting person and while chatting with him, he didn't feel bored.


When the invigilator came and introduced himself, Luis wanted to say 'as expected of the number one academy'. Even the invigilator was a perception type. Master (B) Rank awakened.

The invigilator asked everyone to turn off their mana bracelets and gave several warnings.

"When the exam starts, the test paper will be presented on the screens of your table."

"You will have one hour to answer the questions. As soon as the time is off, the screen will automatically switch off."

"Also, if I find anyone cheating. They will be eliminated immediately."

"That's all."

The invigilator stopped giving further instructions, then looked at the time and said with mana filled in his voice. "The Exam Starts Now!"

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