Conquering The Game's World-Chapter 68 Lazy Luis~

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68 Lazy Luis~

A day before the start of the entrance examination.

Most of the candidates taking the entrance exam have already arrived. The streets of the Academy City were full of people.

"It feels more like a festival rather than an exam."

Luis sighed, looking out of the window from his room.

Today he didn't go anywhere and just lazed around in his hotel room. As for Alicia and Lumine, they went shopping.

"Lily, how many candidates are taking part in this exam?" Luis asked curiously.

[100,214 Candidates, Master.]

Hearing this, Luis wasn't surprised. He knew that more than 98% would be eliminated in the first and second rounds. So he didn't care much.

"Hah, I am so bored," Luis muttered while slumping on his bed.

{Master, why don't you revise for the written test?}

"Don't you remember how many times I've done that already?" Luis said while yawning.

{Well that's true.}

Lily tapped her cheeks with her right index finger and pondered.

That pondering look made her look very cute. Luis couldn't help but want to pull her cheeks. Unfortunately, she was just a projection.

'I have to create a body for her as soon as possible.' His decision became even firmer at this moment.

While he was in his thoughts, Lily also made her suggestion.

{How about you watch a movie or a game?}

Luis thought for a moment, then said. "Nah, I prefer watching movies together with Alicia."

For example, if there is a sad scene, they could hug and comfort each other. Holding each other's hands while watching a stressful scene and many other similar situations. This way, he can enjoy seeing her reactions.

So how can he enjoy these things by watching a movie alone?

Lily also nodded, thinking that watching a movie together with Sis Alicia should be more fun.

"So, what kind of games are there?" Since coming to this world. Luis had never played any games, so he wasn't quite sure. Even the previous Luis wasn't much into games. Though he did experience many VR battle simulations. But those aren't counted as games.

{We can play simple projection games such as chess, checkers, cards. Or we can try VR games. We can borrow the VR headband from the hotel staff.}

Thinking of VR games, Luis was a little interested.

"What kind of VR games are there?"

{Some of the popular ones are Dungeon Master, War Mongers, Solo Adventurer, Battle of Kings...}

"Wait! No fighting! Show me something peaceful"

Lily was silent for a moment, then suggested.

{What about a VR Dating Simulation?}

When he heard Lily's suggestion, Luis' heart started beating faster. He sucked in a deep breath to calm himself down.

He reminded himself again and again.

'It's just a game.'

'Yeah, it's just a game. But still.'

Suddenly, Alicia's face appeared in his mind and his racing heart calmed down. Thinking of his moments together with her, a soft smile appeared on his face.

Shaking his head with a faint smile, he mumbled. "Just what am I thinking?"

Looking at Lily, he said. "Let the hotel staff send a VR Headband."

'Yeah, it's just a game. Why am I thinking so much nonsense?'


On the other side. Inside a clothing store. Lily was also helping Alicia and Lumine choose their dresses.

{That floral pattern is only a 35% match with its dim color. So it's not good. I suggest that you try that blue one.}

"Yeah, I think you are right, Lily," Lumine said while looking at that dress closely.

"I'll go and try this blue one," With that said, she picked up the blue dress and went to the changing room.

While waiting for Lumine, Alicia, who was chatting with Lily, thought of something and asked curiously.

"Lily, what is Luis doing now?"

{He is bored.}

"Is it?"

Alicia asked with a chuckle. Thinking that it might be the first time she heard him being bored.

Lily nodded her little head and said. {I suggested that he watch a movie or play a game.}

"Well, that's a good idea. It's better if he can relax a little."

Alicia knew how hardworking Luis was. Either doing training, researching or learning. Seeing him working so hard, she also gets motivated to improve herself.

"Is he watching a movie?" Alicia asked, remembering their movie date. So, she thought maybe he was watching a movie.

But to her surprise, Lily shook her head and said. {No.}


{He said that he would only watch movies with Sis Alicia, so now he is playing a game.}

When Alicia heard Lily's words, her eyes widened, and a blush appeared on her face, which covered her cheeks to her neck with red dew.

'What does he mean that he will only watch it with me?!'

She was shy but also happy to know that Luis was still thinking about her. She stopped asking further questions to Lily as her mind was already thinking of which movie to watch with him later.

When Lumine came out of the changing room. She was surprised to see that Alicia's entire face was turned red.

"What happened Alicia? Are you okay?"

Alicia nodded with an "Um" and didn't speak further.

Lumine raised her eyebrow and asked doubtfully, "Don't tell me you are blushing?"

Alicia felt so embarrassed at this moment when she was caught by Lumine that she wanted to hide somewhere.

Then, for the entire shopping trip, Lumine pestered and teased Alicia, while enjoying her reactions.

Fortunately, Alicia didn't ask what game Luis was playing. Otherwise also, her face would have been red. Not because of shyness, but anger.

So it can be said that he didn't suffer and even gained a plus point because of Lily's incomplete information sharing.

Unaware of the help she provided to her master, the perpetrator, Lily was curiously watching Luis trying the pick up lines he learned in his previous life on the VR girls.

"Do you have a name, or can I just call you 'mine'?"

[The girl lost her interest towards you.]

[Favourability -50]

Luis felt that his heart might crumble at any moment.

"What a thrash game! My Alicia would never treat me like this!"

Thinking of the sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy Alicia, Luis felt his mood improve. So he immediately quit the game.

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