Villain's Valor: A Noble Fantasy Resurrection-Chapter 53: Mission E (21)

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53 Chapter 53: Mission E (21)

Surrounded by an aura enveloping my body, my senses become even more heightened, as does my reaction time. For that reason, I can now feel them all; I can also sense Elsa behind a tree.

The three lackeys are in the house, perhaps awaiting orders. I'm not sure.

The anomaly is in front of me, staring directly at me. I need to kill that thing first.

Gripping the handle tightly, I execute my footwork. As I make another attack, she counters it again with her horn.


It's too tough. I spin the sword, moving my feet forward. Exerting pressure, my sword becomes heavier.


Releasing another sharp squeal, the three beasts from the house make their move.

From the corner of my eye, I can see them. Their upper halves are like the anomaly, but their lower halves are different. They have very thin legs of the same gray color. It's incredible how those legs can support the weight of their upper part. Running, the three in a row approach one by one.

Auge! Bang!

I perform my footwork, turning the sword for a frontal stab.


Friction generated by the clash with her horn. Quickly turning my body, I stomp the ground to make a big jump backward, avoiding a low blow.


Increasing more aura in my body, I dive down towards one of the lackeys, making a vertical cut in the air. I raise my center of gravity.


My sword cuts through the middle of one of the four, killing it instantly. Its body sliced in half falls to the ground.

Hiiii! Hiiiiii!


Narrowly dodging a surprise attack from behind, I fail to avoid taking the full damage.


Another mouthful of blood comes out of my mouth. The fractured left side still hurts. Damn it, these bastards won't let me establish a position.

Confirming my thoughts, my senses activate. Adjusting my posture, I move my sword diagonally, and the anomaly disappears from my sight.

Activate its ability! Looking in all directions, I can't feel it.

Step, step, step.

I hear their footsteps around me.

Step, step.

I hear all three of them, but I can't see any.


I feel a cut on my right thigh. I couldn't even see it!

My thoughts race a mile a minute. Now I feel like the prey surrounded by predators. The hairs on my skin stand on end. All I see around me is fog. I still hear their steps, but I can't sense them.

Staring intently at the fog, searching for the slightest disturbance in the air, I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Right now, I need a calm and serene mindset. Getting anxious won't help me at all.

I sense a slight fluctuation to my right. Gripping the sword firmly, I sidestep, and turning around, my sword moves gracefully.


With a clean cut, the head of another lackey flies off its body.


Two down, two left, but the anomaly still hasn't made its move.

Ignoring the bleeding body on the ground, I close my eyes. I think I'm starting to understand their method of attack.

The moment it activates its ability, they have the advantage. Being creatures born in this place, they know the terrain better than the victim. Also, the steps they take around the victim make it seem like all four are together, disorienting you and preventing you from reacting to their next attack.

Smiling to myself, they were unlucky to encounter me. I still remember Sir Miguel's lessons. One day he told me to blindfold myself, although somewhat surprised at first, I followed suit. Then I remember how he struck me all over my body. I still shudder at the thought. I asked him the reason behind this activity, and he told me that the moment the enemy somehow has the ability to take away your vision, you're a dead man. He also said that this type of training helps improve natural reaction instincts and sharpens them to a new level. It would have been amazing what he said if he hadn't said it with a mocking smile...

Closing my eyes, I focus again.

I can feel them; they are separated from end to end.

With a quick movement, I run towards the beast behind me.

Lowering my sword and crouching my body, I execute my footwork. With a horizontal attack, I position myself behind it. With a thrust, I pierce its heart with my sword.

Falling lifelessly to the ground, cursing, I realize it was the anomaly. Turning my head to where the anomaly is supposed to be, it's not there—it disappeared!

Where is it!

My senses are heightened, and my heart skips a beat. I have a bad feeling.


The blood drains from my face completely. Gathering all my strength in my feet, I increase the amount of aura in my body, executing my footwork.

"Freaking bastard, don't you dare touch a single strand of her hair!"

Vanishing from the spot, my blood runs through my veins. My heart is beating very fast right now.

Reaching the place of the scream, I observe how the bastard has her grabbed by her little arm. Anger consumes me from within. Elsa's arm is in the wrong direction; clearly, he broke her arm. Elsa is unconscious.

I can feel its eyes mocking me. It tightens its grip on her arm. Elsa, with the newfound sensation, wakes up abruptly.


Abruptly, he brings her closer to his mouth with intentions to bite her.

Executing my footwork, with bloodshot eyes, my speed increases exponentially.


Quickly snatching Elsa from his hands. The only problem is that I lower my guard on my left side.



A terrible pain runs through my entire being, reaching my brain. I feel my consciousness fading. Biting my lower lip, I come back to my senses.

Looking where my arm should be, I only find torn flesh; half of my arm was ripped off my body.

Bending down on the ground, I slowly place Elsa's body against a tree. Taking out a potion, I put it in her mouth. A little liquid comes out of her lips, but fortunately, she's drinking it.


She opens her eyes and looks around in fear. With my right hand, I stroke her head.

"Calm down, everything's fine. I'm here." With a peaceful smile, I start to pet her head.

Her body stops trembling, and she starts breathing properly.

Making sure she's calm, I say, "Stay here, I'll take care of that bastard."

Throughout, I hide my left arm behind my back. I don't want her to feel guilty.

With a small nod, I stand up, taking out a potion bottle. Lowering it, I bring it directly to my mouth.


With the help of the potion, I stop the bleeding from my arm. Losing too much blood is not good.

Staring directly into the eyes of the anomaly, I say, "You know, I've never been so furious in my life. I'll make sure not only to give you a quick death! Believe me, bastard, I'll make you regret being born!"

Executing my footwork, I grip the handle tightly with my right hand.


Having only one active hand is a disadvantage, no matter how you look at it. You can't apply the same force you had with two hands, but I don't care. I'm going to kill him!

With one foot forward and the other down, I rotate my body 180 degrees. The aura around my body rages furiously. Every fiber of my being wants to kill this bastard who dared to touch my precious little sister.

With bloodshot eyes, I move quickly. My sword, like an extension of my body, moves aggressively in response to my feelings.

Clink! Swoosh!

Sparkling sparks fly as our attacks clash.

The anomaly charges like a bull, its horn pointing directly at my neck.

Gripping the handle tightly, I position it in front, receiving its attack.

Augeee! Boom!

The veins in my arm protrude from the skin. Gritting my teeth, its attack pushes me back. I gather all my strength in the sword. If it manages to evade my sword, I'm a dead man.

Blood throughout my body is running everywhere, my arm is turning red.


Screaming, I apply more pressure to the sword. Moving it slightly in another direction, the friction of the attack intensifies, applying to my arm, making it seem like the veins were about to burst out.

Deflecting its attack, I pass by its side.


Although I managed to deflect its attack, it grazed my ribs, creating another wound.

Gritting my teeth with force, I seize this opportunity with a powerful kick.


I send it flying, following it, I activate my footwork.



With a cry of pain, it crashes directly into the wall of the house. The poor house couldn't take it anymore.

Boom! Auge!

Collapsing completely, it falls on top of its body.

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