The Max Level Hero Has Returned!-Chapter 643: Enhanced Divine Sword and the Malicious Spirit’s Relic

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Chapter 643: Enhanced Divine Sword and the Malicious Spirit’s Relic

Davey stared at the four objects created before him with a drained face, while Cat Tower and Maga looked like their souls had left their bodies.

"It's a masterpiece,” Davey said approvingly. “I set the success rate too high, so the best quality product came out."

It had been three days of continuous work, and just like Davey, Maga and Cat Tower had also devoted considerable effort to their respective tasks. Although a surge of frustration would consume them whenever they thought of all the hardships they had to go through because of the Goumda’s materials, they still pushed through, driven to desperation by the fear of something going wrong if they slackened even for a little bit. At this point, it was true that they had developed a mindset of wanting to see a high-quality product at least once after all their blood, sweat, and tears.

"The options of the item are... insane... The amount of skill amplification, cooldown reduction, range amplification," Cat Tower mumbled in amazement despite the exhaustion weighing him down.

One earring and two armors were among the items that Maga and Cat Tower had painstakingly made with their skills. Davey then lifted the armor made from the scales of Goumda. It was a delicate white inner armor that could be worn under one’s regular clothes.


Davey slowly shook the armor, and it fluttered so lightly that it seemed no different from an ordinary cloth. On top of that, its design was remarkably simple and inconspicuous.

"How is it?"

At Davey’s question, Perserque activated her power and recited what she saw to Davey.

"It's impressive. But…"

The Armor of Atlantis.

[An item compressed from the scales of Goumda, one of the last twelve survivors of Atlantis. At first glance, it looks like a simple cloth garment, but it contains an absolute power that cannot be overlooked even by national treasures.]

-It repairs itself even if torn. When attacked, the fluttery material hardens instantly and absorbs the impact, greatly accelerating the wearer's mana growth.

-Boosts the physical ability growth speed.

-Damage reduction 35%.

-Damage increase of 500.

-Special skill Cry of Fear can be activated (resurrects with twice the current health when activated).

-Special passive skill that resets all skill cooldowns upon activation of Cry of Fear.

-Special passive skill for automatic durability restoration.

-Special passive amplification (increases the power by half if the wearer owns an artifact related to power amplification).

Maga and Cat Tower, who were both so fatigued, had fallen asleep while sitting up.

Seeing this, Perserque then went to lay them gently in a more comfortable position as she said to Davey, "I'm not sure what these numbers mean, but assuming this item has no limits, it's remarkable."


The description felt akin to a game. Though cooldowns were practically meaningless to him, Davey still found the special ability called Cry of Fear to be quite interesting. It meant that one could look for a chance to turn the tables, even when on the brink of death. For gamers, it might simply be like drinking a healing potion and getting back into the action. But for someone living a real life like Davey, such options could be considered extremely overpowered.

The truth was, Davey had entrusted them with Goumda's scales and heart, thinking about how much synergy could be produced when the elements of a game were mixed with his power. And that had now become a reality in his hands.

"Davey, take off your clothes. I'll put it on you," Perserque said, holding up the pure white armor.

But to her confusion, Davey shook his head.

He then took the armor from Perserque and threw it over her head, making her wear it instead. Satisfied, he turned away and directed his attention to Illyna.

"What?" Illyna asked confusedly.

"Come here."

"Wha... What do you mean?"

"Come here while I'm asking nicely."

Illyna did so obediently, although her hesitance was obvious in her steps. Once she was near enough to Davey, he offered her the other armor in his hand.

"It might be good for me to have it, but right now, you two need it more."

Strengthening the weaker ones first always made it easier for him to relax.

Illyna, after receiving the armor, seemed to cheer up from the aura exuding from it. "Th-thank you."

Davey just nodded and said, "Alright. That's enough. Let's see the other two."

There were still two other items that were crafted. One was a piece called Chirvat Earring, and the other one was an item he currently needed most—a giant hammer.

"A real man needs a powerful impact."

The advantage of hammer-type weapons was their ability to destroy, not to cut or be sharp enough to pierce. A hammer built for destruction was simply incomparable, even to an overwhelmingly powerful heavyweight sword.

Until now, he had been using the Longinus in its cross form, but it was originally meant to amplify holy magic, not to be wielded as a weapon.

But now, Davey had a big hammer at his disposal. Its handle was over a meter long, and the large hammerhead measured more than thirty centimeters in length.

After swinging and moving the huge hammer around, he proceeded to check the earring. Meanwhile, Perserque quickly wrote down the contents and disclosed the details about the hammer to him.

Name: Corona Destroyer.

Status: Crafting completed.

Form: A hammer type with a long handle and a large, rectangular head

Length: Handle one meter, distance between the two smashing ends thirty centimeters

Width: Width of the smashing end fifteen centimeters

Binding status: None at the moment

Special Features: Equipment crafted with a special power, resulting in different effects


-Ignoring the effect of durability decrease except for special enhancement.

-Once enhanced, total weight increases threefold. It completely destroys the target's defense and inflicts an unblockable debuff upon hitting the same target three times.

-Increases all skill damage by 80%.

-Absolute reduction of all skill cooldowns by 15%.

-The hammer's facets store light and dark attributes. If the attribute is opposite, additional damage amplification of 60%. If not opposite, damage amplification would just be 30%.

The output seemed a bit different this time. Normally, one would see weapon-specific damage or enhancement options. However, similar to when he created Blue Ribbon and Red Ribbon, the information seemed to imply that some details were hidden.

Whoom!! Whoom!!

The sound akin to air being torn seemed to get louder with every mighty swing of the hammer. A hit made three times… Davey felt compelled to try out this effect.

"Davey, this earring is..." Perserque began to say, but she fell silent just as she was about to write down the specs of the earring. A bout of utter quiet descended upon them. However, after a few seconds that seemed to drag longer, she shattered the silence as she finally said, “It’s sealed.”


"What happened to it?"

"That's unknown."

The heart had merged into this brute hammer called Corona Destroyer. The scales were used for the armor and the sinews for the weapon. This meant that the earring was made from the remaining materials. But how could it resist the power of the Abyss to the extent that it concealed what was inside the seal?

The explanation was simple. Mutual observation was the Abyss's condition. By sealing it, there would be no indication from their side that they were trying to observe Perserque at all. One-sided reading was not possible, not even in a superficial way. Usually, Perserque peeked into others undetected and unnoticed, but if they implemented such a strict and complete isolation policy like this...

"Now I see why the 'effect unknown' came out."

Davey seemed to understand now why even the power of Perserque could not interpret the jewel or the Gem given by Goddess Freya.

"Let's just put it away for now."

It would surely be useful someday. Given that it was a reward from Neltarid, it would undoubtedly have a significant effect.

In any case, the outcome wasn't all that bad, given that Davey got a weapon that, although not a divine item, was actually comparable to one.


Davey looked puzzled as he saw someone dash into the workshop, where Cat Tower and Maga were still deep in slumber. The person turned out to be Hydro. He was gasping for breath, and yet he kept running straight to Davey.

"Brother! Help, please!"

Davey frowned at his loud cry. "What are you talking about?"

"The Black Wind... The Black Wind Guild has started indiscriminately PK-ing our guild members!"

"Hm?" The explanation Hydro gave piqued Davey’s interest, making him curious about what the Black Wind Guild was. "What is that place, for such a fight to break out? Didn't you say your guild is just a small, close-knit group?"

In Tionis, there were plenty of mercenary groups and adventurers. But this kind of one-sided bullying was usually uncommon. And yet, it was happening.

"That... Do you remember the Black Wind guild master? When you killed Goumda? The one who handed you the weird paper. That guy!"

Davey was able to recall with ease the person who had handed him what was apparently a contract. Because once he had seen something, he wouldn’t forget it anymore. Such was his nature.

"I remember him, but why?"

"That... That guy says the materials Maga, Cat Tower, and you took are his. And he is demanding you come out immediately..."

What sort of nonsense was that?

"I killed Goumda, and I took the rewards for it, and yet he says it's his?"

"That... That’s because you accepted the employment contract he gave you. In Alf Online, accepting an employment contract indicates being employed. Since you accepted it, you are under a possession contract with him... So all items you acquired belong to the employer. That's his logic."

Davey could not help but laugh in disbelief. "Does that even make sense?"

"It does, and that's the problem! The Lotus Guild is now wanted nationwide for theft of national treasures! The nation's top NPCs guarding this territory and the Black Wind guild master share a strong and close bond. So it seems..."

Davey sighed at his panicked state. Wordlessly, Davey firmly gripped his new hammer in his hand and began to walk away.

"Brother?" Hydro called out in confusion.

Davey, without bothering to turn around, replied casually, “Let’s raid.”

"Excuse me?"


No sooner had Davey left the workshop in the woods, he took out items he had jokingly taken from Oxygen.

[Flag of War Declaration]

It was simply an item between guilds. And if he used it now…


[The Lotus Guild has declared a guild war on the Black Wind Guild!!]

[Upon the request of the Lotus Guild, if the Lotus Guild wins, the losing guild's capital and all items of its members’ characters will be transferred to the winning guild. The losing guild will be destroyed, and the characters of its members will be deleted.]

[The Black Wind Guild has the right to refuse.]

[Since the conditions of victory and defeat are set by the Lotus Guild, the method of victory and defeat will be determined by the Black Wind Guild.]

The massive declaration of a guild war was immediately displayed in the sky. But Davey was not done yet. So in front of the astonished people, he took out another item—the Jewel of Proclamation, which was capable of sending voices across territories of the entire server.

Then, as he held it securely, he said, "Don't be scared. Bring it on. I'll support you from this side."


Without a moment's hesitation, Davey shattered the jewel.

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