Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4858 Yu Luo’s Divine Might

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Chapter 4858 Yu Luo’s Divine Might

No one had expected Long Chen to simply charge over and attack Gao Jianli. After all, the latter was the sect master of the Violet Palace Sect.

Even Gao Jianli was taken aback by Long Chen’s bold move, realizing he had underestimated Long Chen's guts. Even in the presence of numerous Heaven Saints encircling him, Long Chen didn’t hesitate at all.

Before Gao Jianli could fully react, Evilmoon was already upon him. While he didn’t dare to treat Long Chen lightly, he had no time to take out his weapon. Hence, in a swift response, he simply raised his hand, and a blood-colored divine light materialized on his palm, forming a shield. Unable to retrieve a weapon in time, he relied on the power of his essence blood to create a defensive barrier.


Evilmoon collided with the blood-colored shield, and the shield actually blocked Long Chen’s attack effortlessly, astonishing people.

Before this, Long Chen had appeared incredibly mighty. Could he have run out of power after the last battle?

After blocking this attack, Gao Jianli had a bad feeling, so without further ado, he pushed his shield forward and retreated.

“Since you don’t need any face, I’ll help you,” said Long Chen, his voice dripping with sinister intent like a whisper from the depths of hell. His other hand swiftly moved toward Gao Jianli's cheek.

Blood sprayed into the air as Long Chen's dragon claw tore off a chunk of flesh from Gao Jianli's disfigured face.

Gao Jianli managed to escape, but not before half of his face was violently torn away. The excruciating pain caused him to howl like a wounded animal.


As the onlookers saw his grotesquely disfigured face, which was now a mix of exposed bone and mangled flesh, a shiver ran down their spines. Long Chen’s brutality was laid bare for all of them to see.


Long Chen clenched his hand and reduced the piece of flesh in his hand into ashes.

Pointing Evilmoon at Gao Jianli, Long Chen coldly said, “Alright, now you don’t need to worry about your face anymore. Go ahead and use whatever shameless move you want. We’ll see whether Boss Long San is afraid of you.”

“Well done! This is the Long Chen I know!” cheered Mo Nian, clapping for Long Chen as if afraid that they weren’t causing enough of a ruckus.

Although Mo Nian wasn’t with Long Chen all the time, the two were close brothers. Mo Nian even understood Long Chen better than most of the warriors in the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen was once again unbridled, radiating an unparalleled air of dominance. He had reclaimed his confident self, free from the influence of his heart-devil. This transformation filled Mo Nian with excitement, knowing that he had played an important role in this achievement.

“Die!” Gao Jianli let out a furious roar, causing the platform beneath him to explode. The nearby experts from the Violet Palace Sect were sent flying by the force. It seemed as though Gao Jianli had lost all sense of reason. In his hand materialized a giant hatchet, dwarfing even Gao Jianli in size. Countless onlookers gasped in astonishment at the sight.

“The Violet Palace Hatchet!”

It was another legacy divine item. When it appeared, violet divine radiance covered the land, and a berserk pressure crashed down upon Long Chen.

Long Chen nonchalantly rested Evilmoon on his shoulder, crouching low with a posture reminiscent of a leopard ready to strike. His gaze locked onto Gao Jianli, devoid of fear but brimming with intense killing intent.

Just as Gao Jianli raised his hatchet to attack, a black streak of light shot through the air like a bolt of lightning. Gao Jianli roared and swiftly blocked it with his hatchet.


An arrow exploded on contact with that hatchet, its immense power knocking Gao Jianli back through the spectator stands, causing the experts in his path to flee like frightened rabbits.

Numerous experts turned their gazes at Race Leader Yu Luo, who was holding her bow, the string still quivering. Her eyes were cold and unwavering. It was clear that the arrow had been her doing.

People couldn’t help but feel shocked. Although they had heard that the Feather Spirit race’s leader was extremely terrifying and her power was not below that of the four noble families’ leaders, this was the first time they had witnessed her in action. Her one attack shocked everyone. Even when her arrow was shattered upon contact with the Violet Palace Hatchet, the power it carried was still shocking.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve exercised my muscles. My power has dropped quite a bit. From the next shot onward, I’ll be using the Feather Spirit race’s soul extermination arrows. That should increase my power by ten times. I wonder if it will be able to kill you?”

After that, Yu Luo extended her hand and conjured three arrows. They twirled in her fingers, forming beautiful arcs of light.

People didn't know how she had done it, but somehow her bow curved like a full moon, and three arrows were swiftly nocked and aimed at Gao Jianli.

Runes flowed on top of the three arrows, and the spectators could see cyclones swirling at their tips. At that moment, a deep sense of unease gripped their hearts, as if their very souls were being sucked out.


Mo Nian's excitement overflowed as he gazed worshipfully at Yu Luo. As a fellow archer, what captivated him wasn't just Yu Luo's exquisite bow or the legendary soul extermination arrows of the Feather Spirit race; it was the graceful way her arrows danced between her fingertips.

“I have to learn this skill! It’s too cool! I’m not going to let Long Chen steal my spotlight! Ah, I should ask if Race Leader Yu Luo has even flashier moves,” exclaimed Mo Nian, rubbing his hands in anticipation.

For Mo Nian, the most important thing was definitely flashiness. It would be best if a technique could cause everyone to cry out in amazement as soon as he used it.

In this tense moment, no one paid any attention to Mo Nian’s shout, nor did anyone try to understand what he was thinking. They were all falling back as a battle between two terrifying Heaven Saints would be incredibly terrifying. However, despite knowing that it was dangerous here, they also didn’t want to miss the chance to witness a world-shaking battle.

Blood dripped from Gao Jianli's face—or whatever remained of it, as he no longer had something resembling a face.

Frustration burned in his eyes as he glared at Yu Luo. “Does your Feather Spirit race intend on getting mixed into this matter?!”

“Long Chen is someone the Feather Spirit race will die to protect. Does that answer your question?” replied Yu Luo with sharp decisiveness that could chop iron.

“You...!” As Gao Jianli was locked down by her three soul extermination arrows, he didn’t dare to move or even release his aura. The moment he did so, she would immediately attack.

Without unleashing his aura, he couldn’t unleash his greatest power, which meant that he couldn’t activate the might of the Violet Palace Hatchet. In that state, even if he didn’t fall to the soul extermination arrows, he would definitely suffer severe injuries.

At this point, Gao Jianli found himself at a loss, unable to advance or retreat. All of a sudden, he turned to the Brahma Pill Valley’s people, who were just watching.

“Didn’t you want to capture Long Chen?! Why aren’t you doing anything?!”

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