MTL - Three Little Troublemakers Turned the World Upside Down After My Divorce


Authors : Spring Swallow Returns South

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 2625

Last update: 3 months ago

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"President Li, it's not good, someone smashed into your office." Li Zhenting's rosy lips approached Shen Ning's red lips a little bit, and suddenly, the secretary rushed over in a hurry."Bastard, who dares to be so bold?""Li, Mr. Li, a four or five-year-old little milk bag, said that you bullied his mother.""Uh" Li Zhenting immediately stood up straight with a serious face."Li, President Li, it's not good, your project information has been stolen." Li Zhenting was holding a senior management meeting nervously, when the secretary ran over in a panic."Presumptuous, who dares to be so bold?" Li Zhenting was furious."Li, Mr. Li, three little milk bags, they said, you are sorry for his mommy."A group of executives secretly laughed.Li Zhenting shrank his neck and cleared his voice: "Cough, cough, continue the meeting"Key words of the novel: After Divorce, Three Little Ancestors Blow Up The Sky No pop-up window, After Divorce, Three Little Ancestors Blow Up The Sky txt Complete Works Download, After Divorce, Three Little Ancestors Blow Up The SkyLatest chapter reading - Description from novelbuddy