Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha-Chapter 169.2

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Chapter 169.2

The two of them headed toward the arena.

As I proceeded with the others, I linked my Magic Eyes to Sashas vision.

Flying low using <Flight Fless>, they reached the outside of the arena in the blink of an eye.

How are we going to blend in? Im guessing youve got a good idea of how many people there are inside, right? (Sasha)

Look. (Misha)

Misha pointed her finger.

The black-uniform students were running to the arena, as if in a rush.

This is appalling. How can they worry about being late under these circumstances? (Sasha)

Its because theyre students. (Misha)

No matter how much control Avos Dilhevia had, the students of this era were much too accustomed to peace.

Even if they had been told that rebels had invaded the academy, not all of them could react quickly.

But its just what we need. Lets blend in with them. (Sasha)

Misha and Sasha joined a small group of students, and entered the building.

After passing through a dark corridor, they found themselves in the arena.

In the center sat a number of white-uniform students, looking lifeless.

Surrounding them were black-uniform students, and teachers in black garments. Starting with Melheis, all of the Seven Demon Elders were also gathered around the white-uniform students.

Due to the presence of rebels, many were wearing magic equipment.

Aside from the hats, some of them were wearing armor, so the two sisters, who couldnt be detected, didnt stand out.

Misha and Sasha casually mowed in with the black-uniform students.

Its almost time. (Melheis)

When Melheis said that, a magic barrier was deployed at the entrance to the arena.

Even the sky above was covered with a magic barrier like a roof.

Line up. (Melheis)

When he said that, the students in black all lined up at once.

Some of you have just arrived here late, havent you? (Melheis)

A high sense of tension ran through the students in black.

There is a possibility that Anos Voldigoad or some of his followers are among you. (Melheis)

Melheis took a few steps forward and observed the students faces.

Shall we confirm? Nihid, Glaze. (Melheis)

Two teachers stepped forward.

They mustve been here before Melheis announced the execution.

In other words, they couldnt be subordinates of mine.

Melheis and the two teachers turned their Magic Eyes to each one of the lined up students.

The other Demon Elders were keeping an eye on the white-uniform students who were scheduled to be executed, without letting their guard down.

Sasha, if they find us out, use your Magic Eyes of Destruction.(Misha)

On the Elders?(Sasha)

Yes. If you can buy enough time, I can neutralize them with my Magic Eyes of Creation.(Misha)

Neutralize them?(Sasha)

By turning them all into cats.(Misha)

Okay. If I can give you a good opening, we should be able to work this out(Sasha)

At that moment, Melheis glanced at Sasha, as if he had noticed something about her.

You two over there, with the ha (Melheis)

Hey, you two! Whats with the hats!? (Nihid)

Before Melheis could say anything, the teacher called Nihid quickly approached Sasha.

The moment she clenched her fist, Misha put her hand on hers.

Itll be okay.(Misha)

Stay put. If you two arent working for the misfit, then youll have no problem. (Nihid)

Nihid roughly grabbed the tips of their pointy hats.

Then he stared at Sasha and Mishas faces as if scanning them.

Luckily, they were out of Melheis field of vision, so he couldnt see who they were.

Eventually, Nihid turned around and declared.

Nothing to report here, Your Excellency! Not a single one of Anos Voldigoads subordinates are here! (Nihid)

I see. Then lets proceed with the execution. Melheis said, as if solemnly carrying out an order.

He turned his attention to the students in white.

I will now eliminate you all one by one until Anos Voldigoad shows himself. It pains me to do so, but such were My Lords commands. The least I can promise you is a painless death. (Melheis)

Approaching the white-uniform students, Melheis turned his attention to a certain female student.

Well, lets start with her. (Melheis)

Nihid walked over to her and grabbed her by the wrist without hesitation.

N-No Help! Why!? (Female student)

Because you are not part of royalty. All mixed-bloods will serve as fodder, and Dilhade will be reborn as a wonderful nation ruled only by royalty. (Melheis)

Melheis turned to the student in tears for a moment, with a hint of sadness on his face.

Or perhaps somewhere in his heart, he was fighting back against his inability to disobey.

Nevertheless, it wouldnt be enough to break free from Avos Dilhevias control.

Misha and Sasha signaled each other with their eyes when

Please wait! (???)

One of the students in white stood up and walked over to Melheis.

If youre going to execute someone, take me instead. (???)

Melheis gave him a quizzical look.

Then, the student in white spoke up.

I am Aramis Eltimo, a third-year student. A long time ago, my name used to be Igareth Ijaysica! I was a blood relative of the Hero Jerga, and seventh heir to the throne of Azesion two thousand years ago! So Im the enemy you should prioritize over any other mixed-blood! Igareth said with a determined look on his face before using the <Sanctuary Aske> spell.

Melheis turned his steely gaze on Igareth.

When were you last reincarnated? (Melheis)

This is my fourth reincarnation. My latest rebirth happened a long time ago, but it wasnt until I was imprisoned by Avos Dilhevia that my memory and powers fully returned! (Igareth)

Melheis remained silent for a moment, as if thinking.

Very well. Any relative of a Hero is indeed an enemy that we demons must destroy. I will then do as you wish. Melheis replied, as if there was nothing strange about this.

Bring him to the gallows. (Melheis)

Nihid grabbed Igareth by the wrist.

As he did so, Nihid whispered in his ear.

His lips moved as if he had uttered a certain name.

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