Immortal of the Nine Realms-Chapter 171 Lucky Break

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Chapter 171 Lucky Break

"Of course, what I propose is just a hypothesis. Investigating a case requires bold assumptions, and then we seek evidence to substantiate them." Fang Chen smiled. "The more possibilities we take into account, the higher our chances at hitting the nail on the head. What do you think, everyone?"


The crowd slowly came to their senses. King Xiang glanced at Fang Chen and whispered, "So, is Yu Zhang a suspect?"

Yu Zhang's expression changed rapidly, and his fist subconsciously tightened as he stared at Fang Chen.

"Naturally," answered Fang Chen with a faint smile. "Yu Zhang aside, anyone who was close to Zhao Yan back then is a suspect. I remember that Xia Song had a good relationship with Zhao Yan, right? He should also be a suspect!"

King Xiang's expression changed slightly. Officials like Governer Ouyang couldn't help but look at Xia Song strangely.

Seeing that he had suddenly been involved, Xia Song was stunned, and he turned to look at Fang Chen with a dumbfounded expression.

"Of course, the suspicions we ought to have must still vary in severity. Our suspicion of Xia Song should be on the lower end of the spectrum. So, let's start with the more serious cases." Fang Chen smiled and continued, "Yu Zhang, right? How was your relationship with Huang Xin back then? You better answer honestly. After all, our Guards can go and ask your classmates one by one."

Before Yu Zhang could speak for himself, Master Chen suddenly waved his sleeves and stood up, glaring at Fang Chen. "This is absurd!" he shouted. "Duke Fang, we've already had a madman like Zhao Yan in our Southern Mountain Academy. Now you are going to treat the chief scholar of my Southern Mountain Academy as if he were a thief and question him, too?"

"Master Chen, Lord Fang is just proposing a hypothesis. If Yu Zhang really didn't do it, Lord Fang would never wrong him," said King Xiang, trying to calm him down.

Governor Ouyang and others also spoke up one by one. Occasionally, they would steal glances at Fang Chen, afraid that Fang Chen would draw his sword in anger and chop off the head of this old scholar.

Fang Chen remained silent, but Xu Ge sneered. "Could it be that you're feeling guilty?"

Master Chen gradually calmed down, but there was still a trace of anger on his face. When he heard Xu Ge's words, he couldn't help but sneer. "I am feeling guilty?” he repeated, then focused his attention on Fang Chen. “Since you suspect Yu Zhang, Duke Fang, you can go ahead with your questioning!"

"Master, rest assured, I have absolutely nothing to do with this matter." Yu Zhang gave Master Chen a faint smile and then looked at Fang Chen. "Duke Fang, my relationship with Huang Xin was quite good back in the day."

"Since you two are acquaintanced, where is he now?" asked Fang Chen.

"He dropped out due to some family matters, and I've had no contact with him since. I have no idea where he is," replied Yu Zhang, shaking his head. After a pause, a hint of a cold smile appeared on his face. "I’ve heard of your extraordinary skills, Duke Fang. Why don’t you personally bring Huang Xin here? This way, I can prove my innocence. If Huang Xin cannot be found, please comply with the will of Heaven. Based on the evidence at hand, Zhao Yan should be executed today. I hope you do not show favoritism toward him, Duke Fang."

The onlookers had strange expressions. If Huang Xin, the informant, couldn't be found today, and Fang Chen still spared Zhao Yan, they couldn’t help but feel that Fang Chen's reputation in the hearts of the people in the southern region would plummet.

If they were in Fang Chen's shoes, they wouldn't dare to gamble on such an outcome. Losing public support meant losing foothold in the southern region.

Jue Panshi stood up and clasped his fist. "Duke Fang, I can send someone immediately to find Huang Xin. How about postponing the trial for a few days?"

Outside, there was suddenly a commotion. Some were cursing, and others were making sarcastic comments. However, Jue Panshi paid no attention to this clamor. As long as Fang Chen nodded, he would immediately take Zhao Yan back.


Amidst the commotion, a clear voice suddenly rang out, "Make way, everyone. We have urgent matters to report to Duke Fang."

This voice belonged to...

The Seven Profound Blade, Huangfu Jie!

Everyone was surprised, and they turned their eyes toward the doorway. As expected, they saw Huangfu Jie leading a group of martial artists over.

Yu Zhang furrowed his brows slightly. Why would Huangfu Jie, the head of the Profound Blade Sect, come to the magistrate? What did this case have to do with a martial artist?

Huangfu Jie approached Fang Chen and saluted. He then smiled. "Duke Fang, I’ve found him."

The crowd was shocked. It turned out that Fang Chen had already mobilized martial artists from the Southern Region to find Huang Xin!

King Xiang and others immediately looked at the group of martial artists, trying to identify Huang Xin. Master Chen also glanced around, scanning the room. Yu Zhang remained calm. He didn’t even bother looking at Huangfu Jie and company.

Fang Chen smiled. "Luck is on my side."

A young martial artist who seemed to be in his thirties stepped forward from behind Huangfu Jie, saluting Fang Chen with folded hands. "Duke Fang, I am Wu Changhuan, a disciple of the Flying Crane Sect from the Southern Immortal Prefecture."

Wu Changhuan of the Flying Crane Sect?

The crowd looked somewhat puzzled. How did this matter involve them? The Flying Crane Sect was a small sect in the Southern Immortal Prefecture, low-key and not very prominent.

"And here I thought Duke Fang had found Huang Xin," mouthed Yu Zhang with a carefree smile.

"Duke Fang, what does this have to do with the Flying Crane Sect?" asked King Xiang curiously.

Fang Chen smiled. "I couldn't sleep last night, so I had someone bring the case files over for review...."


Everyone couldn’t help but stare at Fang Chen gray-white eyes, wondering how he could review a document when he was blind. They then turned their eyes to Xu Ge, and suddenly everything became clear. It had to be that Fang Chen's subordinate had read it out loud for him.

People were surprised that Fang Chen took the case so seriously. He even spent an entire night up just to review the case files.

Everyone suddenly found themselves scrutinizing Zhao Yan more closely.

Why would Fang Chen, this blind Duke, be so concerned about a mere criminal?

“I noticed Huang Xin’s while reviewing the case files, and that’s when I learnt that he had left the academy.” Fang Chen smiled faintly. "So I asked Huangfu Jie to have the Profound Blade Sect inquire around, to see if there is any information related to him."

The crowd's expressions became somewhat serious.

Despite Fang Chen's casual tone, they could imagine last night’s undercurrents. It was likely that the Profound Blade Sect had spent the entire night questioning the various factions around the Southern Immortal Prefecture, a feat that even King Xiang couldn't accomplish.

Fang Chen turned his gaze towards Wu Changhuan and said with a light smile. "Tell us, what is your relationship with Huang Xin?"

Wu Changhuan took a deep breath, "I actually have no direct relationship with Huang Xin. However, several years ago, not long after Zhao Yan's case first spread around, I took in a severely injured pregnant woman."

Pregnant woman?

People were a bit puzzled, but only Yu Zhang's expression changed subtly. He tried hard to control his emotions, not revealing any hint of surprise. Unfortunately, to someone like Zhao Yan who was at the peak of the Earth Profound Stage, he could clearly hear Yu Zhang’s heart pounding.

"She had already been seriously injured, a gushing, deep sword wound on her belly. After bringing her back to the Flying Crane Sect, I thought she was beyond saving. Unexpectedly, she was very resilient and managed to survive, and she eventually gave birth to a girl," narrated Wu Changhuan slowly.

King Xiang frowned. "What does this have to do with the case? Is she one of the victims?"

Wu Changhuan glanced at King Xiang and calmly said, "She told me that she and a scholar had privately agreed to spend their lives together. However, this scholar had apparently offended some powerful figure he shouldn't have, and they both became targets for silencing."

"This scholar's name is Huang Xin, from the Southern Mountain Academy!"


Those words echoed like thunder in everyone's ears. If Huang Xin had been indeed silenced, then there was definitely something fishy about Zhao Yan's case!

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