Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 2169 - The Past

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Chapter 2169 The Past


“The tree spirit race has always been unruly and domineering in their actions, considering themselves a race ordained by destiny. They have never regarded humans highly, let alone the Federation. On multiple occasions, they have casually destroyed cities and barbarically expanded their forest domain. During that period, the Federation endured, outwardly accepting various unreasonable conditions proposed by the tree spirit race while secretly accumulating strength and seeking methods of retaliation.”

“The arrival of the spawns gave the human Federation hope. After cooperating with the spawns, the Federation and the spawns spent several years secretly establishing a spiritual domain blockade network, gradually sealing the strength of the tree spirits.”

“Since then, the spiritual domain blockade network has been effective. Coupled with the transition technology provided by the spawns and the mechanical modification of creatures, there has been a gradual reversal of power between humans and the tree spirit race. The tree spirit race has gradually retreated into the primeval forest region, hiding from the world.”

Ji Haiting paused here, taking the coffee handed to him by his assistant and taking a small sip.

“The appearance of the spawns has been a great boon for us humans,” he continued. “But sometimes, things have both good and bad sides.”

“Let me talk about myself. At the age of sixteen, under my father’s guidance, I entered the company for learning. At twenty-four, I became a director of the company, and at twenty-nine, I formally took over the company. During this time, I focused on developing cutting-edge technology. It was during this period that I realized deeply that the technological development in our human world had been stagnant for a long time. I felt that our technology was inadvertently being restrained by the spawns.”

“The arrival of spawns has brought our technology to an unprecedented height, and it has also limited our path of exploration to higher heights.”

“All the paths we have walked are the paths that the spawns have walked before. Regardless of success or failure, they have walked far more than us in their long lives. We cannot surpass them on this race track. If we continue, we will only live in their shadows forever.”

Ji Haiting took a deep breath and continued, “This makes me very uneasy. I think we are controlled by spawns to some extent. They can destroy us with a single thought.”

“So I’ve been seeking different sources of power, trying to follow a path different from the psychic and mechanical strength of the spawns. For example, the tree spirit race, which once controlled our world,” Ji Haiting said, then looked back at Fang Heng and continued, “And also you. I’ve always been curious about the source of your power. Now it seems that it’s not just Ouroboros.”

Fang Heng shrugged as he listened.

The source of his power?

It was indeed quite complicated!

He understood bits and pieces of it.

“I understand. I think we can have a very good cooperation between us.”

“I hope so too,” Ji Haiting continued. “Back to the point, the spawns are tracking you using an advanced psychic network for positioning. Once the positioning is completed, they can obtain your standard location at regular intervals.”

“But I’ve also noticed that you seem to have a special ability to influence the tracking and positioning of the spawns.”

“Well, it just hinders their tracking efficiency, they can still lock onto my location,” Fang Heng said, then asked, “Is there any way to escape this kind of positioning?”

Ji Haiting had thought about this before he came to see Fang Heng.

“Yes, we can try to infiltrate the spiritual domain main control end, temporarily disrupt part of the working system of the spiritual domain network, temporarily sever the connection between the spawns and our world, and cut off the link between the spawns’ use of external passages and the transition network to enter our world. It will take time for the Federation to rebuild the network, which can buy us a small amount of time.”

Fang Heng frowned. “Just a small amount of time?”

“It’s already very difficult to achieve this, Fang Heng. After all, it’s still hard for me to influence the Federation,” Ji Haiting shook his head helplessly and continued, “Don’t worry, during the internet blackout period, we can thoroughly help you shield the spawns’ tracking of you.”

Fang Heng raised an eyebrow.

That sounded reasonable.

“But there are risks in doing so. Once you’re exposed to the spawns or the Federation for some time next time, you will still be marked by the spawns, and the Federation will be doubly vigilant next time. By then, it will be even harder for us to use the same method to block the tracking.”

Ji Haiting put down his coffee. “You know, OmniTech Company is controlled by the Federation behind the scenes, so I can’t directly intervene to temporarily disable the spiritual domain blockade system. I can only provide you with various assistance behind the scenes.”

“Alright, I understand. Being able to help behind the scenes is already enough.”

[Hint: The player’s friendship with Ji Haiting has increased.]

[Hint: The player has triggered a mission-Decrypting the tracking signal.]

Mission Title: Decrypting the tracking signal.

Mission difficulty: SSS.

Mission description: You have met Ji Haiting and reached a verbal cooperation agreement with him. You have learned from Ji Haiting a method to block the tracking of spawns.

Mission requirement: With Ji Haiting’s help, temporarily get rid of the spawns.

Fang Heng looked at the difficulty of the mission and his heart skipped a beat.

SSS-level difficulty.

The highest mission difficulty level.

It seemed that it was not easy to deal with.

“Where is the spiritual domain blockade network main control terminal? How is the defense level there?”

“It’s on the lower level of the Federation’s central research room. The security level is the highest.”

Ji Haiting’s face was solemn and he spoke, “The spiritual domain blockade network was established by the Federation under the guidance of spawns. The entire central research institute of the Federation is under the control of the Federation. I heard that the central area has always been controlled by the spawns. To be honest, even I can only stay in the outer area of the central research institute.”

“So that’s how it is…”

“That’s the general situation. If we decide to make a move, I still need some time to prepare. The spawns’ pursuit of you will become more and more intense as time passes. I suggest that we act as soon as possible…”

Ji Haiting looked down at his watch and said, “If nothing unexpected happens, I’ll need about ten hours to prepare. I’ll inform you as soon as I’m done.”

“Yes, alright.”

Fang Heng rubbed his chin.

Ji Haiting’s method could only be considered a temporary solution.

Even if this time he could completely erase the information about himself, once he encountered the Federation or the spawns again, he would still be tracked once more.

Wait a minute…

Fang Heng suddenly thought of something. He raised his head and asked, “Director Ji, you just said that we can disable part of the spiritual domain blockade network system. Does this mean that the tree spirits can open the teleportation passage in the Inner World during the time when the network is down?”

Ji Haiting frowned. He thought for a moment and nodded, “Theoretically, yes. The spiritual domain network is divided into many layers. Except for the central layer, which is controlled by the spawns and cannot be closed automatically, the outer layers will be temporarily closed under our control.”

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