Global Awakening: I created the system-Chapter 82 New day

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82 New day

[Blue Star City D, Dragon Country]

[MidTown High]

Soon a day and passed and Monday hand come signalling the start of new week

However, unlike other days today the atmosphere all around the country was in a state of buzz as this was the day the government's first step in preparing for the future began

Throughout the weekend, various messages had been sent countrywide informing all citizens on some of the countries new policies to combat the global awakening

And as one would have guessed, the one which sparked the most the most controversy was the mandatory dungeon expedition which was to held to day

Thinking that their children would be in danger and could potentially loose their lives, it wasn't any suprise when a majority of parents began to complain

Unfortunately, the government seemed to be etxtra strict on this rule as there was no room for comprise what so ever, in fact it stated that anyone who abstained without a valid reason would be branded with the crime of treason

A crime so heinous that no one wanted to be labelled.

Fortunately, while the government was still adamant on their new rules and policies, they did their best to reassure that these expeditions were competent harmless and their goal was just to train their skills

Not only that, but they said that mandatory classes on uses of awakened powers, martial arts, self defence, dungeon information and all kinds of subjects would soon be introduced in classes

In fact, a few rumours had even begun to circulate that schools such as universities and sects dedicated to teaching awakened alone would soon be put in place under the leadership of the government and the major families in the country

Just feelig everything that was happening at the moment, every couldn't help but sigh at how quickly the times change

Just within the span of a few months, the the whole would had been flipped over its hills making people doubt the life the lived before wasn't some sort of dream or simulation

And at this moment, just like most high schools all around the world, the students in each class were currently bustling excited about their first dungeon experience

Only that this time, a certain class was excited for another reason

"Amazing! Isn't that Mu Fan the mercenary king? Amazing how can a game make someone loose so much weight?"

"Yeah and Chen Ling, although I always knew she was a godess but did you guys see her lead an army? My heart almost jumped out of my cheats"

"Haha you guys are sleeping on Ling Xiao, on the first day he created fire and was the first under the god of chaos"

Whispering to each other the current students of class b couldn't help but class quick glances at Mu Fan and the others who just arrived

Unfortunately, unlike before this time there seemed to be an invisible barrier making everyone afraid to approach them

And it seems like Mu Fan and the others realised this as the three of them looked at each other with awkward smiles on their faces

"Haha so much last goodbyes, at this rate it doesn't look like we can say hello to anyone without them fainting or somethings"

"I wonder if this is how those A list celebrities feel whenever they meet their friends before they were famous"

Saying this, although a bit unhappy about the current situation, Mu Fan still had a smile on his face

After all, who wouldn't? Just not too long ago he was a regular student, yet now he's a celebrity known far and wide with amazing strength

If this didn't confirm he was the protagonist, Mu Fan didn't know what would

As someone who had always felt that he was the main character and everyone was just an extra, Mu Fan felt like he had to get used to such things if he wanted to be the ideal Mc

"Hey Mu Fan, what are you thinking about?"

"Once Miss Su gets here we'll have to set off for the dungeon. Why don't you take this opportunity to say goodbye to your best friend Ye Tian"

"As for Chu Ling and I, as you can see we were practically loners before this so we're yeah"

Interrupting Mu Fan's thoughts, Ling Xiao's voice came into his ears bringing him back to reality

Following Ling Xiao's gaze, Mu Fan realised that Ye Tian had just entered the class

Looking at his old friend who awakened only an F level ability, Mu Fan couldn't help but feel bad for him

"Old Tian, you're finally here! How are you?"

"Did you see me in the new world? I was amazing wasn't I?"

Walking over to him with a smile, Mu Fan silently decided to find a way to help his best friend get stronger

After all as the protagonist, finding an elixir or two that improves talents should be hard

And as the best friend of the protagonist, it was only right that he at least managed to drink some soup while he ate the meat.

Thinking of this, the smile on Mu Fan's face grew wider as he suddenly felt Ye Titans f' level ability might not be too big of a problem.

[Ye Tian Pov]

The day for the dungeon trip had arrived, and all through the weekend Ye Tian's days could be described as nothing but busy

First off after ending the game, the clown and the others suddenly had their hands full as they had to stabilise the people of the new world after their three rulers all died

Not only that but they had to restore of the destroyed terrain and make things habitable for the next set of players

Ava on the other hand had currently fallen asleep as she tried to gather the excess soul power ready to let the world undergo another round of evolution while also solving the nightmare beasts

As for Kazzak, Ye Tian managed to desguse him and send him to Greece, according to Apollo the other gods should have started making their moves

And his main body would definitely send an artefact to locate him the split and find what was wrong

Hearing this, Ye Tian knew ur he didn't want to be exposed he had to interpret that artefact and stop them from acting and finding him

Fortunately, with kazzaks current strength, Ye Tuan didn't see him encountering any trouble

However just to be sure Ye Tuan still gave him some artefacts to carry out in case of emergencies

And as for him, throughout the weekend, although Apollo couldn't tell him most of the details of the dungeons

He still managed to drop some hints here and there making Ye Tian realise that this trip was definitely not a simple one

According to Apollo, it was a prison built for 'them'

Who they were was not something Ye Tian at this moment could know

Thinking of all this, Ye Tian couldn't help but shake his head as he entered his class with Apollo's lyre hidden in his backpack

"Oh? It seems like not all humans are perverts as you"

"Now this is what a planter who just entered the awakening should look like, not someone like you"

"In fact, sometimes I can't help but want to believe that this was your second life or something"

"Haha but that would be impossible, after all reversing time is not something anyone can do"

Laughing in Ye Tians mind, Apollos split who was inside the lyre scanned the classroom with satisfaction

Apart from Ye Tian and the three Mu Fan who were in the new world, the average awakening levels were more within his expectations

Unfortunately, what he didn't know was that he was right

Ye Tian did live a second life, one that he reached the known peak of strength in the universe

Sadly this was something Apollo would never know

"Old Tian, you're finally here! How are you?"

"Did you see me in the new world? I was amazing wasn't I?"

Just as Ye Tian was about reply Apollo telling him he was imagining things, a familiar voice came into his ears causing him to pause

Looking at Mu Fan who was walking toward him, Ye Tusn couldn't help but sight at the effects of the new world he created

Not only had Mu Fan lost weight and grown a bit taller, but even the freckles on face had completely disappeared replacing the once fat chunni with a tall and muscular chunni

Thinking of this, Ye Tian smiled as he imagined with everything that happened Mu Fan was probably thinking he was the protagonist who had just found his golden finger

However, this was a good thing for Ye Tian. If anything he knew with Mu Fans personality there was no way he would remain lowkey

Thanks to that, if used well Ye Tian knew he could use him as a shield to divert the public's attention while he carried out his various plans

So with this in mind, Ye Tian waved back at the approaching Mu Fan with an even bigger smile on his face

"Haha old Mu, you still remember me"

"Should I be bow or something now that the mercenary King is greeting me?"

Teasing him a bit, Ye Tian walked to ward him ignoring the schockef gaze of his other classmates

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