Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2221 - : You’re In Trouble! (1)

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Chapter 2221: You’re In Trouble! (1)

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“The style of this spaceship suits us very well. I didn’t expect this fat lamb to have the same preferences as us.”

The middle-aged man surveyed the surroundings, his face showing a pleased expression.

The style of this spaceship indeed perfectly marched the preferences of their group of universe pirates. At first glance, he was captivated by it.

As they chatted, the universe pirates swaggered into the control room, acting as if they were the rightful owners.

Spotting Wang Teng in the control room, they burst into laughter once again.

“Come over!”

The scar-faced middle-aged man glared fiercely at Wang Teng and bellowed at him.

“Brothers, I can hand over all my belongings. Please spare me,” Wang Teng said cautiously.

“Just come over when we ask you to. No need for useless words,” the scar-faced man ordered coldly.

“Alright, alright!” Wang Teng walked over.

“Look at this tender young man. Maybe he could fetch a good price.” The scar-faced man appraised Wang Teng, his gaze as if he were evaluating a piece of meat.

Wang Teng: …

“Hahaha…” The surrounding universe pirates burst into laughter.

“Honestly, this kid is really handsome. I’m a bit jealous myself. Selling him to those wealthy ladies in high society would definitely fetch a good price,” the middle-aged man said, stroking his chin.

“Hahaha…” Round Ball couldn’t hold back and was already laughing uncontrollably. Its laughter echoing in Wang Teng’s mind.

It was so funny!

These universe pirates wanted to sell Wang Teng to wealthy ladies!

“Stop laughing!’’ Wang Teng was speechless.

Handsome boys needed to protect themselves properly. The outside world was too dangerous.

He never expected that one day he would be at risk of being sold just because he was too handsome. Life was truly unpredictable.

After the scar-faced man finished laughing, he suddenly reached out to pinch Wang Teng’s face.

“Kid, how did you get such a face? It’s envy-inducing.”

“You have a death wish!” Wang Teng was disgusted. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he looked at the scar-faced man in front of him.

This was intolerable!

Mere words were one thing, and he didn’t mind playing along with their banter. But when he found out the scar-faced man intended to get physical, the thought of having a rough big guy pinch his face made Wang Teng extremely uncomfortable.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was incredibly strong, and coupled with that terrifying aura, even without intentionally showcasing it, it was enough to make people shudder. Forger about a cosmos-stage martial warrior, even a heaven-stage martial warrior seeing it would be alarmed.

The scar-faced man’s expression changed when he saw Wang Teng’s gaze. He was flabbergasted and took a step back uncontrollably.

“Damn it!” The middle-aged man also noticed Wang Teng’s gaze and felt a tremor in his heart. This wasn’t the look of a fat sheep. It was the gaze of a lone and ferocious wolf.

“You’ve stirred up trouble!” Wang Teng calmly spoke, instantly activating the Ancient God’s Body and the True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo). With a thunderous sound, a terrifying aura erupted as he threw a punch.

The middle-aged man instinctively raised his hand to block, but his face immediately changed. He felt an overwhelming force surging through his arm, and with a crisp sound, his arm bones snapped. His entire body was sent flying.

There was a buzzing sound.

A series of energy walls, formed by condensed Force, suddenly rose around them. This was a function of the spacecraft, designed to prevent battles within from damaging the equipment.

The materials used to forge a universe-level spacecraft were special, only vulnerable to attacks from universe-stage martial warriors. Moreover, the interior was inscribed with runes, malting it challenging to damage.

The middle-aged man’s body uncontrollably slammed into the energy wall, spewing out a mouthful of blood. His face turned slightly pale, and he stared at Wang Teng in utter disbelief.



Witnessing this scene, the surrounding universe pirates had their expressions change drastically, immediately shouting and instinctively rushing towards Wang Teng to launch an attack.

These universe pirates were indeed a tough and fearless bunch. Even after witnessing Wang Teng defeat their leader with a single punch, they dared to charge forward, which was quite surprising.

“Get lost! ” Wang Teng didn’t move. He just shouted calmly.

Divine Sonic wave!

With the addition of spiritual power, an invisible ripple spread out along with the sound.

The celestial-stage martial warriors around suddenly felt their vision darken, and they fainted, collapsing to the ground.

Their attacks also crashed into the energy wall, causing no damage.

The six cosmos-stage martial warriors clutched their heads, clearly unable to withstand the terrifying Divine Sonicwave attack.

Wang Teng struck again, unleashing a punch that split into six, hitting each of the cosmos-stage martial warriors simultaneously. They were sent flying, coughing up blood.

“Too weak!” Wang Teng shook his head as if he had just accomplished a trivial task.

“You!” The middle-aged man was already dumbfounded. Was this young man in front of him really a cosmos-stage martial warrior? He seemed too terrifying.

As a heaven-stage martial warrior, even in an unguarded situation, he wouldn’t be defeated so easily, right?

Before he could react, all his subordinates had been dealt with, including six cosmos-stage martial warriors.

And this was accomplished by Wang Teng alone!

Was this something a cosmos-stage martial warrior could do?

The scar-faced man clutched his chest. A few of his ribs were broken. He crawled up with difficulty and stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

This seemingly delicate young man turned out to be a formidable opponent they couldn’t resist!

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