Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3534: Wooden raft, rolling rocks

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Chapter 3534: Wooden raft, rolling rocks

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No wonder they had to form a team. Furthermore, not only did they have to form a team, they also had to gather ten people, and find those whose abilities were strong enough.

It was very normal for some teams to seek out Formation Masters. There would definitely be formations everywhere here, and with a Formation Master they would be able to avoid a lot of wrong turns.

What Ling Han found strange was why so many people had rushed ahead of him. Could it be that there were so many excellent Formation Masters?

He snuck into the crowd, and made some queries. Only then did he find out that there was a description in the outer zone of the island. One could first obtain a type of rock, to guide him here, so that he would not be deceived by the formation. 7

However, Ling Han had been hunted down by Hong Tianbu, and he had directly traversed 25 km with a single step. He had ventured deep into the island, so it was naturally impossible for him to discover the explanation, and it was also impossible for him to find any rocks in the vicinity.

Thankfully, he had an astonishing understanding of formations. Otherwise, he would definitely still be running around aimlessly in the forest at this time.’ “The wooden raft has appeared!”

Someone cried out, and saw that at the edge of the mountain path, twenty wooden rafts had suddenly appeared.

Everyone made the best use of their time to form a team. Previously, they had still been determined to only recruit those that had reached Enlightenment Tier, but now, their requirements had been degraded to the level of Inscription Tier. They only wished to form a team, because the wooden rafts only existed for a limited amount of time, so they had to hurry.

One after another, teams jumped onto the wooden rafts. One after another, the wooden rafts also rowed on the mountain path, and began their journey of’ advancement.

“Little brother, what cultivation level are you at?” someone suddenly asked Ling Han.


Ling Han glanced at him. This was a young man who was close to thirty years old, with cultivation level of Enlightenment Tier. He broke into a smile and said, “Inscription Tier.”

“Merely Inscription Tier?” The young man frowned, but still stamped his foot and said, “We can’t bother so much. So be it. Come, well take you up the mountain.”

Ling Han wanted to personally experience how this game was played so he nodded, “AU right.”

In the eyes of the young man, Ling Han’s reaction was absolutely normal. That was because he was an Enlightenment Tier elite. Wasn’t being willing to bring an Inscription Tier up the mountain a great gift?

Oh, you still want to hesitate for a while, and consider?

What airs are you putting on!

This young man brought Ling Han back with him. By now, the majority had formed teams and set out, and there were only over thirty people left.

“Brother Li, what cultivation level is this person at?” The young man brought Ling Han back to his team, and someone immediately asked.

“Inscription Tier,” the young man surnamed Li answered truthfully.

■’Only inscription Tier?” The others all frowned. There were already nine people in their team, and four of them were Enlightenment Tier elites, while the other five were Inscription Tiers. However, these Inscription Tiers were their clansmen, Junior Brothers, Junior Sisters, and so on, so they couldn’t be considered outsiders.

And now they had to drag an outsider, a weakling at the level of inscription Tier, up the mountain?

“Forget about it. Time is of the essence, so we can’t worry too much,” one of them decided.

AU right, just think of it as doing a good deed.” Another person agreed.

A man in red said coldly to Ling Han, “Brat, you have to listen to my commands later. Otherwise, even if we pass this stage, I can still throw you down!”

Ling Han merely smiled faintly, and said, “All right.”

“Let’s go up.” Everyone went up, one after another. When the five Inscription

Tiers walked past Ling Han, they slanted a sideways glance at him.

“Brat, be smarter.”

“Don’t miss this excellent opportunity.”

“That’S because our Senior Brother Li has good intentions, and that’s why he brought a weakling like you along!”

They spoke one after another, showing off their superiority.

Ling Han did not take it to heart. At present, he only wanted to test out the workings of this wooden raft. It would naturally be best if he could pass through. If he could not, he had also accumulated enough experience, and knew what he should do.


The sound of impact was heard from the mountain, and not too long after, ten people fell down from the mountain. They landed solidly, and were unable’to get back up for a very long time.

It was clear that they had failed.

“Let’s go!” the young man surnamed Li said. He was in charge of steering the raft, and the wooden raft instantly shot out like an arrow.

“Brother Li will be in charge of steering, and the others will listen to my commands,” the man in red said. “When I say get ready, everyone will pour all your Spiritual Power into the wooden raft, and I will be responsible for firing.” These words should actually be directed at Ling Han. This was not their first attempt.

Ling Han still nodded.

Hong long long, a rolling rock crashed towards them.

“Get ready,” the man in red said. Everyone poured their Spiritual Power into the wooden raft.

Ling Han immediately discovered that the Spiritual Power of the ten people were all absorbed by the wooden raft, but because they came from ten different people respectively, it was inevitable that they were mixed.

-Fire!” the man in red shouted loudly. Xiu, a ball of light lit up at the front end of the wooden raft, then shot out a pillar of light. With a peng, the rolling rock was shattered.

All right!” The people on the wooden raft all called out.

Meanwhile, Ling Han was recalling the “scenario” just now. Under the man in red’s control, all the Spiritual Power stimulated the wooden raft and delivered a Strike. However, because the Spiritual Power was very mixed, it actually didn’t completely use all of the gathere Spiritual Power in that instant. At most, it was 30% of the total. Though the rest of the Spiritual Power wasn’t delivered in this shot, it dispersed after the strike.

In other words, the conversion rate was actually very low. Otherwise, the might of this attack should be even greater.

Ling Han believed that the overall strength of Spiritual Power determined the might of the attack that the wooden raft delivered.

No wonder it was said that they needed to form a team. It was precisely because they were all at a disadvantage, and everyone had their own strengths as well. It was just that everyone did not have much cooperation, and that was Why they had not completely unleashed the full might of their Spiritual Power.

The wooden raft advanced fiercely, and very soon, rolling rocks appeared ahead of them again, bearing down heavily on them.

“Get ready!” the man in red shouted again. Everyone hurriedly injected their

Spiritual Power into the wooden raft.

Ling Han was slightly surprised. In the Dark North Nation, there were not many people that cultivated Spiritual Power, but these people had all cultivated Spiritual Power. Could it be that they had all come out of prison?

True, if that was not the case, then it would be a little strange for there to be so many Enlightenment and Inscription Tiers.

Those that had become an elite overnight after consuming a Myterious Fruit wouldn’t have this kind of experienced bearing, and they couldn’t possibly be Sect Brothers either, right?

Peng, the second rolling rock was also shattered, once again causing everyone to roar in excitement.

This seemed to be very easy to deal with. Ten people could only unleash 30% of their Spiritual Power, and they were actually able to advance rapidly? That was because Ling Han’s spiritual power was very strong. Just him alone could match two, or even in fact, match three.

The wooden raft continued onwards, and they welcomed the third rolling rock.

Hong long long, the sound of rolling rocks impacting was loud.

“That doesn’t seem right,” the young man surnamed Li murmured.


This time, there were actually two rolling rocks that arrived, one after another.

There was only a gap of nine meters between them, and with the speed of the rolling rocks, this gap was only half a second, at most.

“Get ready!” The man in red gritted his teeth, “After I say launch, immediately instill Spiritual Power.”

Everyone injected their Spiritual Power into the wooden raft. Then, with a loud shout from the man in red, xiu, a pillar of light shot out. Peng, the rolling rock shattered. Everyone hurriedly injected their Spiritual Power again, but because time was too tight, the Spiritual Power that was injected was naturally much weaker.


The second pillar of light was immediately shot out. Peng, the rolling rock exploded again.

Everyone cheered, but it was clear that they were celebrating too early. That was because they had only blown up two thirds of the stone ball, and the remaining one third was still rolling towards the wooden raft..

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